Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year In Review

First sentence of first post from each some cases, this is going to be an image for me because I think some posts don't have sentences of worth...(they just describe what I did to the images for the project).

Friday, December 30, 2011

Lost Inconsistencies

I am rewatching the Lost series on Netflix streaming...and it is kind of cool to watch again when I know the story because you can see some of the foreshadowing that ends up part of the storyline later on, but there are inconsistencies that drive me nuts...

1. They wash their bodies off in the same pool of water that they drink from in the caves. No one would ever do would contaminate their drinking water supply.

2. They never address the fact latrines need to be set up. This would have been addressed in real life almost immediately or it would have become very disgusting and unhealthy very fast.

3. Locke, who has been in a wheelchair for 4 years and never hunted before he started to with his father prior to the kidney transplant, somehow is this all knowing outdoorsman. I guess this can be written off to the "island"...but I still find it irritating.

4. In episode 25 of the first season, they carry Locke onto the flight (before the crash) but don't seem to be very concerned about the fact that he might need to use the bathroom at some point...I know that some people in wheelchairs wear bags for this purpose, and that could be the case here, but the fact that they don't even ask.

I should note that overall, I never did understand what the final episodes of Lost even meant, so perhaps in this rewatching, I will get some clarity in it all...

Five Years Ago on In My Words...Flooring Time

Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 51 MCP Project 52


This is my submission for Holiday Cheer, the theme for the week. I didn't do anything but an auto correct and then add a fuzzy border to this one. It was classically festive all on its own. It is a cute little Charlie Brown tree if I don't say so myself...

Six Years Ago on In My Words...No Sense At All

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shutter Sisters For December


This is my submission for the month of December. The word of the month is Savor and Delta just looked too content and relaxed to pass up on this shot. I didn't do anything editing other than an auto correct for light and color balance and then a fuzzy border in gimp 2.6.

Seven Years Ago on In My Words...Bathroom Kitty
One of the best stories about Chase!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Freezing Fog

While in town visiting family for the holidays, I came across freezing fog. I had never realized that it could do that and so of course I had to stop and take a few shots of it.

My mom and I had driven from one end of the valley to another that day, and it was amazing the different weather patterns we came across. In one town the sun was shining and the temps were in the 40s, the next we were in clouds but still warmish...lastly, we end up in our home town in fog and temps in the was amazing.


Four Years Ago on In My Words...Mum Lights

Monday, December 05, 2011

Maine Coon Mirror

My mom has this rescue kitty named Delta at her house and she is part Maine Coon, which of course reminds me tons of Chase. She is super sweet, a lot smaller and more delicate than Chase, but definitely has the some of the cutest Maine Coon traits. She has taken to me while I have been here visiting, sitting on the arm of the chair when I am on the computer and giving me her cute little meows when she wants some attention. She has a limit of how many pets you can get in before she gets "over sensitized" and you have to stop.

She is a box and basket kitty just like Chase. Whoever owned her before my mom had her declawed in the front, so she doesn't go outside. She loves to play with string just like Chase, and is easily amused by the any motion of play. One thing that she does that is not like Chase, is she thumps her tail all the time when she is laying I will be typing on the computer and she is beating my arm with her tail while sitting next to me. If I grab onto the end of it to stop her, she meows at me...

Four Years Ago on In My Words...The Lion Kitty

Thursday, December 01, 2011

New Cards

Just wanted to share my new photo cards I got in the mail...since I am not currently in a position to make my cards from scratch, these photo cards give me the option to be creative with my own images in a way that is functional as well.

Five Years Ago on In My Words...Snowflakes

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Brand New Place

I think I mentioned once or twice before that we were painting our house this summer. In September, our tenants moved out and we found ourselves with the right time and temperature to get it done. It has been a long time coming. On top of the house needing a paint job, the entire place needed some TLC because the tenants didn't do any yardwork or maintenance on their own. In fact, they didn't even turn on the sprinkler system (how hard is that) so the entire yard was dried out and overgrown.

Needless to say, my cousin's painting crew and my uncle (who did most of the maintenance for me) did an awesome job and the place looks like new!! I got final pictures this week and the transformation is just amazing.

Six Years Ago on In My Words...In A Pinch

Friday, November 04, 2011

Week 44 MCP Project 52

Here is my submission for this week....cloudy day so the colors came out pretty nice. The theme is Muted Tones. I only did an auto balance on color and light, and then added a fuzzy border.

Four Years Ago on In My Words...Caching It High

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Doodle From Google

I thought this was super is the video of it for those that didn't get to see it in real life...


Six Years Ago on In My Words...My Downfall, Candy Corn

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dusty and Salami Tsunami Blog

I have this blog in my blog roll...I have loved reading his stuff for his title says, he has been blogging since it before it was too.

Unfortunately, he is hosted on Wordpress (with a custom domain) and for some reason (even though I actually have a Wordpress login and password), Wordpress hates me and I have not been able to comment on any blog hosted by them even if it is on a custom domain for over a year....and I have no way to tell those that I read that I am having this comment problem on their blogs....grrr. I have tried to use Wordpress customer service and this has not helped...their CS is worse than ours at Blogger...even if you do get someone to answer, they don't really read what you are saying and just respond with canned answers that have nothing whatsoever to do with the problem. I have pretty much given up on commenting on any Wordpress blogs at this point.

Today, when I read Dusty's post, it rang true in so many ways for me because of a recent traveling experience that I figured I would comment (forgetting to check who the host of the blog was)...wrote this long comment and then it didn't I am posting it here...and maybe Dusty will see it someday...hehe.

"Thanks Dusty, great post. You had me laughing out loud several times.

I just recently stayed in a Marriot for a IT conference (where all 250+ of us were staying) and not only did I have a room with two huge beds for just me, I also had 8 pillows on each bed. I would move all the pillows over the vacant bed but the two I needed for sleeping each night and then the maid would move them back the next morning.

It didn't matter that I left my towels hanging up, they still replaced them everyday regardless of mine and the tree frog's wishes.

Internet connections in our rooms were 13 dollars a day (and not covered by the conference holders even though the double bed and 16 pillow rooms were), but we had free wireless in the guess where most of the 250+ people were everyday....yep, hanging out in the lobby so we could all have free Internet. I would have traded some of my pillows for the ability to log into my email in my pjs...."

Six Years Ago on In My Words...Epiphany

Monday, October 17, 2011

Shutter Sisters for October

This is my submission for The One Word Project for October. The theme is You and I thought this was very much "me". I took this shot in some pretty cool afternoon light and added a border and some softglow lighting.

Four Years Ago on In My Words...Packing Tape Monster
Another funny story about Chase...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 42 MCP Project 52

This is my submission for this week. The theme is True Beauty and while I was out for my run, I saw this little daisy on a field of grass all alone just asking to be photographed...the afternoon light was awesome so all I did was the autocorrect for color and light and then a fuzzy black border.

Two Years Ago on In My Words...Amazing Colors

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oops, Rufus

Don't think I ever shared this little gem I caught one morning in the midst of our squirrel battles when we lived on the East Coast...enjoy!!

Rufus just seemed like an appropriate name for him...

Six Years Ago on In My Words...Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels
More Squirrel Stories

Netflix Listened

Seems like at least one company out there is listening to their customers...


Three Years Ago on In My Words...Singing

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Finished The Blanket

I finished the blanket that I have been working on for my oldest niece and her newborn son. I wanted to do another granny square blanket but wanted it to be different from the one I made last year for my girlfriend. So I did a little bit of research and found a new way to connect the squares. I am not sure I like how it staggers the squares a little bit but I definitely like it better than having to "sew" all the squares together like I have in the past.

This new method is kind of like creating a seam that mimics the granny square style. It doesn't lay completely flat, or at least it doesn't for me. I am sure if I do it a few more times, I will figure out a way that works for me. But overall, I have to say I am thrilled with how it turned out and it is definitely the biggest baby blanket I have made yet. I have it all boxed up to be sent to my niece tomorrow.

Six Years Ago on In My Words...Comfort In A Bowl

Friday, September 30, 2011

Shutter Sisters for September


This is my submission for the One Word Project for September. The theme is Story. I only did an autocorrect for balance and light and then added a fuzzy border. Fortunately for me, the monthly one is easier to be consistent with than the weekly one so I am doing better on staying on top of this.

Two Years Ago on In My Words...Insanity

Week 39 MCP Project 52


This is my submission for Week 39. I have been slacking on some of my picture projects but I wanted to get this one up after seeing these cool flowers yesterday. The theme is Man vs Nature this week. I only did an autocorrect for brightness and balance and then added a black fuzzy border.

Five Years Ago on In My Words...Small Bed Project

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Maru Morning

Just had to check into the little kitty to see what he has been up to....never fails to put a grin on my face!!


Six Years Ago on In My Words...Always Maxi

Monday, September 19, 2011

What Are They Thinking?

Wow, I just read this blog post on Netflix's blog. I added a sizeable comment as well.

They are shooting themselves in the foot in my opinion. For those customers that opt to do both options, it will become a complete and total hassle and they will be better off just sticking with streaming and getting movies from Blockbuster or fact, it is pretty much the same as doing that, even if stay with Netflix, only they will be paying more for it than they would if they were to go to one of their competitors.

Once the site separates, I will probably stop the DVD at home option all together since I am one of those renters that keeps a movie for ages (which is not economical for me at all) and adding in the additional cost hikes with this new requirement to maintain my queue and ratings on two different sites will just not be worth it. It will suck since there are flicks that Netflix has that you can't get at BB or Redbox, but oh well. I think this will force me to start watching more as they come out and perhaps eventually they will be on streaming. As it is right now, the movies available on streaming from Netflix are lacking and I tend to mostly stream old TV shows so I don't have to watch commercials on cable television.

I went to their site though, and subscribed to both of my queues via RSS feed so that if I do end up closing down the DVD at home portion of my account, at least I will have the list of movies I want to watch or have been recommended to me by friends.

Three Years Ago on In My Words...Softie

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Too Much Fun...

I don't think it is possible and I think that is what makes Google such an innovative are just a few shots I took on the main campus...examples of how Googlers are encouraged to take breaks from the grind and let their "hair down".

Google bikes are found throughout the campus, no segways here

Typical break area found in lobby

Work off that lunch on the centrally located volleyball court on main campus

Overall, the Googlers seemed like a happy bunch...and I am sure that having lots of opportunities to expend physical energy helps keep the brain energies flowing.

Four Years Ago on In My Words...Sunday Treats
I miss dimsum Sundays...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heading To Heat

So this hotel has a great, I mean on par with the one we owned in NC, hot tub outside near the pool. I soaked in it for a while last night and am heading to it in a few mins to warm up tonight as well. The jets are fabulous...super strong and really helped last night after spending most of the day sitting or traveling. Today I got a workout in at the end of the day but really sat most of the day due to the conference and I know it will feel great.

On the plane on the way here, they gave out complimentary Widmer beer...and a snack bag of mixed nuts and pretzels...I was starting to think that airlines didn't do anything for customers anymore but apparently some still do.

When we registered yesterday, we got a few small swag items. I think the blue thing is a travel blanket for the plane or to leave in your car...will come in handy I am sure!!

So far the conference has been interesting and informative. Tomorrow we get to go over to the Google Campus and see some of the other staffers that we work with virtually. It should be awesome!!

Six Years Ago on In My Words...Travel Karma

Conference Update

Hanging at the conference now...didn't bring my camera into the room so no pics until at least after our first break but I took some yesterday and some this morning.

Had an awesome soak in the hot tub last night which I truly needed. Will get some exercise in this afternoon between the conference and whatever dinner plans we might have. I have finally met most of my other "co-workers" on the Blogger Help Forums which is kind of cool to put a face with the posts now...

Four Years Ago on In My Words...Dead Gecko Movement

Monday, September 12, 2011

TC Summit

As many of you know, I regularly volunteer for Google on the Blogger platform. Well, this year, Google has decided to have a conference/summit for all of us "regular" volunteers (we are called Top Contributors or TCs for short). They are flying us to their headquarters in California for a two day summit that starts tomorrow. We will get to meet face to face with some of our "co-workers" as well as the Googlers that we communicate daily with via the Internet. We will get a tour of the campus in Mountain View as well, which should be pretty cool.

Google has TCs all over the world, so for some people, this is a free international trip. Oh, did I mention it was all expense paid (unless you stay longer or go outside the summit)? I need to get my butt in gear and get packing so I can catch my flight. We have a little registration social tonight but I might just check in and then head to the gym...I am going to try my best to stay on course with my eating and exercising as well.

I'll update the blog as things progress...I'll be checking into FB and various other spots whenever WiFi is available.


Two Years Ago on In My Words...Kimono Quest

Monday, September 05, 2011

Self Improvement

So I started on this self improvement kick the other day...not only in the fitness arena (which I have been working on for a while) but also in other ways...most of it is superficial stuff (dying hair, bleaching teeth, microderm abrasion...etc) but sometimes that stuff is the stuff that you need to "see" in order to feel better about the overall picture. It is a self esteem booster when you feel like you are making improvements and seeing results. Right now, I need to see results, I need to feel good about myself, and I hope that this will give me the motivation I need to get some other things accomplished that I have been stalling on lately.

So here is to focusing on me, and getting things done!!!


Five Years Ago on In My Words...Back On Track

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Gpa's Birthday

Today would be my grandfather's 100th birthday but he passed away in March just shy of that mile marker. He had a terrific full life, with family and friends by his side, so while I am sad he is not here to celebrate this birthday, I am thankful that he is not suffering anymore and that I had him as such a huge part of my life.

Happy Birthday Grandpa. We miss you and love you tons!!!


Six Years Ago on In My Words...Toilet Paper

Maru Strikes Again

This kitty just makes me grin sometimes...


Four Years Ago on In My Words...House

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Love, love, love how this one came out...I had no idea how cool this would look. I named it Cosmos because it seems like a scene out of space, but in reality it is not.


Ten Years Ago on In My Words...Seawall

Monday, August 29, 2011

Watching You

Look who I saw in my neighborhood the other day...just had to snap a shot from the car as they were at the intersection. I have to wonder if that job is fun or if it gets tedious...


One Year Ago on In My Words...Getting Creative

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reading Blog Update

I updated my reading blog today with my books from the first part of the year. Check it out when you have time.


Two Years Ago on In My Words...Making A Cup of Coffee

Shutter Sisters for August


This is my submission for the month of August. The word is Adventure. I only did the auto correct for brightness, contrast and color and then added a fuzzy border. I took this shot the other day while out geocaching along a local trail.


Three Years Ago on In My Words...I Found It

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crazy Signs

I recently traveled domestically in the US and for some reason, whenever I am in an airport, I always seem to see the craziest signs.

I saw this one in an airport bathroom. I thought it was hilarious at first that they referred to waste with Number 1 and Number 2, and then even funnier that they had to then explain the numbers in parenthesis, just in case. I am all for the water saving flushers (we had then in Japan too), but I just loved the directions...

I just had to take a pic of this second sign because I didn't think I would see one like it again, and because the sign is referring to the bathrooms in the airport, which in some ways might be the best place to be in an emergency but also sounds kind of gross as a place to hang out for any duration of time.


Five Years Ago on In My Words...Amazing Skies

Monday, August 15, 2011


So besides the two photo projects I am trying to stay on top of, I have made a few crocheted items this year. Right now, I am working on a baby blanket for my oldest niece who is due to have her second child soon. I finally have the squares done but I still need to put it together and border it. This is a quick preview of it. I took this shot while I was still working on squares and trying to get an idea of how many I needed and how I might lay them out...


Six Years Ago on In My Words...Yellow Seedless Watermelon

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shutter Sisters for July


This is my submission for the month of July. The theme word is Life and I loved the way this one turned out. I don't know the name of this flower but it reminds of something you would see over a trellis at a wedding. I had to pull the branch down so I could get a shot of the flower.

I only did an autocorrect for color and light balance and then added the soft glow filter and a fuzzy border.


Two Years Ago on In My Words...Solar Eclipse Shrouds Asia In DayTime

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Our Anniversary!

19 years ago today, I said I do, to the love of my life, my best friend, and my one and only. I love you J, always!


Three Years Ago on In My Words...Irritation

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another To Do List

I am a list maker...and it is time to make a list. I have been rattling things around in my head and making a list is better than letting that continue.


Back up both PCs
Wire printer and see if that helps the printing problems
Organize photos
Scan in photos from albums
Order new software and install it on PC
Find screwdriver for external drive and get it tested
Set up Nook


Get resume on the two sites
Check volunteer site for hours
Check sites for job options and apply
Check craigslist for job options and apply
Print SQL certificate for experience book
Talk to Google travel agent for booking conference
Log some volunteer hours with Google
Set up GooglePlus blog


Yard work
Something to hang laundry on
Something for front windows
Set up mud porch


Continue on writing book lessons
Work on outline for both books
Read, edit and suggest on Popi's manuscript
Research publishing options
Order new Writer's Market book
Order Take Joy book


Goodreads setup and organize
Book flight for NE
Post pic for July photo project
EXERCISE (this will be ongoing so no strike through)
DIET (this will be ongoing so no strike through)
Finish 5 books currently reading
Watch Netflix stuff
Order new Wii game
Clean up Chase's space and store the keepers
Work on baby blanket


Five Years Ago on In My Words...seems like this is a theme for me...Bogged Down

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week 29 MCP Project 52


My submission for the week...the theme is Get In Close. These little bright flowers were hiding in the grass in my yard. I am sure they will be gone the next time the yard gets mowed. I only cropped and used the fuzzy border on this shot, the light was already terrific.


Six Years Ago on In My Words... This is on my todo list!! Back Up

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

R.I.P. Chase

She picked us (or actually, she picked J). She was a cute little stray cat in the neighborhood that just couldn't get enough pets. She quickly became one of the family. She was our traveling kitty...two moves to Japan and back and a couple more across the US in the car, camping and golfing. She could fly through the air with the greatest of ease while chasing toys (hence the name), and couldn't get enough of the pets. She has always been a low maintenance kitty that tolerated just about everything we ever put her through, from flying on planes to getting shaved to the skin during the hot seasons. She was never much of a talker but she would headbutt you or lick you if you stopped petting her before she was ready. She has been a part of our family for 12 1/2 years and today, I had to make the horrible decision to put her to sleep.

She was diagnosed with feline diabetes (even though she was normal weight) late last year and we tried the insulin and high protein diet to see if we could maintain her. Unfortunately she wasn't maintaining...we were just slowing the disease down and I just didn't want that to be either of our lives (hers or ours). So two weeks ago, when the last bottle of insulin ran out, we stopped the insulin shots. She seemed to be okay for awhile but then last week, she stopped eating and then started to lose a ton of weight. In the last few days, she started having trouble balancing and her eyes started to seem tired all the time. She would still purr and she still loved the pets (right up to the end), but it just seemed like the bad was definitely outweighing the good for her. We don't know for sure that her decline was due to the diabetes alone, after all, she was 14 years old, but today, I just felt like I needed to be fair to her and do the right thing, even though it was the hard thing.

I love you Chase, and I miss you. I couldn't have asked for more from a great kitty and family member. Even with tears running down my face, I hope you are more comfortable and getting lots of pets.


Seven Years Ago on In My Words....A great story about Chase Bathroom Kitty

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Week 27 MCP Project 52

WillowScene This is my submission for this week. The theme is Nature's Finest and I couldn't pass up this image from my camping trip this week. I only used the auto correct tool for color and brightness and then added the fuzzy border.


Five Years Ago on In My Words...The Culprit

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 26 MCP Project 52


This is my submission for this week. The theme is Hidden Object, and while these poppies didn't really qualify as hidden, they definitely were the rarity in this field of blue.

I only used the auto correct for color and light balance and then added a fuzzy border.


Last Year on In My Words...Cicada Are Coming

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally, Evidence

The study mentioned in this article just goes to prove what I have been thinking all along...watching stupid television shows makes you stupid as well. If there was ever an argument for turning off the cr@p that the broadcast networks and junk cable networks put out, this is it.

I heard about this article this morning on my drive to the gym, and really thought the DJs were going to tell me that the show would make me can imagine my relief that my decision to never watch this show or half the other reality cr@p that is on TV these days has not caused me any kind of damage. I was just thinking the other morning that it is amazing to me how the networks (cable and broadcast) get away with putting out such cr@p but it is due to the fact that people want to watch it, which says a lot about doesn't it?

Personally I could give a damn what any "real wives" of any town, or any of the big celebrity idiots that have no other talent, but to invite people into their homes to see how stupid they really are, are doing. I don't care about crazy women that push their children into looking like prostitutes on a stage when they are 3 years old so that they can live vicariously through them to get some tiara and a sash pinned on them are doing. I can live without knowing who fading rock stars want to marry, or who no talent plastic surgery bimbos want to play games with this season. Now I know most of this is cable television, but the broadcast networks are no better. They play infomercials, and judge whomever all day long...and wonder why people don't want to tune in for anything that requires more than a minutes thought. They wonder why some of the best television being put out these days is on premium television like HBO.

So I am glad to hear news like this that indicates I am correct in my refusal to waste valuable minutes of my life watching any of that drivel...finally, evidence that there is a bad side to all that garbage!!


Three Years Ago on In My Words...Ocean

Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 25 MCP Project 52


This is my submission for the project this week. The theme was Craving...and sushi is definitely something I crave. I only did the autocorrect for light balance and color balance, and added a fuzzy border in GIMP 2.


Two Years Ago on In My Words...15 Books

Maru And A Very Small Box

I have loved this kitty for ages...and I hope you do too!!


Six Years Ago on In My Words...Weight Loss

Friday, June 10, 2011

Week 23 MCP Project 52

This was a fun one. I got some exercise during my search for this subject. I thought that this statue fit the bill perfectly. The theme for this week was Enchantment.

I used the auto correct for color and light balance, and then added a wind action (in GIMP 2) and a fuzzy border.


Four Years Ago on In My Words...Recycling

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Jerks On Parade

Just had to repost this on both my FB and on my blog because jerks like this need to be humiliated as much or more than they have humiliated others. How he can sleep with a barely legal teenager, refuse to marry her and then accuse her of killing his baby on a bulletin board needs some kind of punishment. So if I can contribute to public humiliation for him, I will. His name is Greg Fultz and he is 35 according to this article....maybe he will show up in some search engines for @ssholes now....haha.


Five Years Ago on In My Words...Family Reunion

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Shutter Sisters For June

HydrangeaThis is my submission for June. The word of the month is Details and I just couldn't pass up this beauty. I used the auto correct for light and coloring initially. I then added a fuzzy border and a built in soft glow filter from GIMP 2 in order to bump the white and give it that "wedding" look. I thought it came out pretty nice.

You can see information about the Shutter Sisters One Word Project on the sidebar to the right if you are interested in is a lot of fun.

Six Years Ago on In My Words...Golfing

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday Duties

So, today was forecasted to be much like yesterday but it is already not looking the same...which works okay for me because I really need to get some school work done and sunny skies with breezes are not conducive to school work. So I am going to get something to eat, get some exercise in, and then hit the books for the rest of the day...that way, when the week starts tomorrow, I will be caught up and feel good about focusing on other things.

This week is also finals week for my circuit class (not that we have a final) and then we are off for a week and head back for summer term. In the summer the class meets for 1 hour 4 times a week though, so at least I will be guaranteed 4 days of exercise no matter what...


Three Years Ago on In My Words...Turtle Sitting

Friday, June 03, 2011

Week 22 MCP Project 52

DewDrops This is my submission for this week. The theme was Reflection and I was able to get into the yard before the dew all dried up this morning. I didn't make any changes other than to autocorrect the light and color, and then add the border. I have not managed to meet my goal of posting my images earlier in the week so I can play with more of the effects.


Five Years Ago on In My Words...Family Reunion

Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 21 MCP Project 52

QuickestThis is my submission for this week. The theme was Need for Speed. I thought an image of a big slug on my back porch would be kind of funny. He was moving as quickly as he could. I used the autocorrect for color and light, used a distort to give it a fisheye look, and then added a border.


Four Years Ago on In My Words...Reflections at Weymouth Woods Reserve


I am taking two community education classes for the next 6-8 weeks in addition to my "for credit" circuit training class. These two classes are online and are not for college credit, but are a way for me to get some experience that I hope will help me with the job market and future plans.

One is an SQL class which is the language used to do queries on databases, and while I have some experience with database queries, it has all been in Access, which is much more point and click, and I want to have some specific language experience. I may take the SQL II class after this as well. We get certificates of completion so I feel that this can only be a good thing for my job hunt.

The second one is a Writing for Children class because I have had a couple of ideas for children's books that I would like to try my hand at. I think this class is also going to have some great information for getting into the writing market in general so I am excited to learn. I need to get over to my local library and check into some of the books the teacher has pointed out. I did some market research when I first got these ideas so I have a good foothold to start from.

We are in week two of the classes and I am three assignments behind in both of them. Fortunately, they are both online so I can work on them when I have time and they won't interfere with any work that might come up in the near future. The assignments and quizzes have two weeks windows so I am not "late" on anything yet but I need to get my butt in gear and catch up this week. The next lesson is not posted until Wednesday next week so I have plenty of time to catch up.

Six Years Ago on In My Words...OCD

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Racing Again

I had another race this past weekend...and even though I didn't get to train as much as I wanted to, I actually improved my overall time by 3 minutes, 47 seconds to complete the race in 38 minutes, 13 seconds. This means I ran a 12 minute, 24 second mile which is faster than I have ever run (although I have never been measured in all the soccer I have played).

I have never been a runner...always had to have a soccer ball in front of me to get going but a few years ago my husband started helping me to run without a soccer ball and I have been sort of interested in getting better at it ever since then. I was doing 5Ks whenever I could, but I always walked them. In January, I didn't really have a plan to run the 5K I did, but it was so cold that running was the only way to stay warm. That sort of started this most recent streak.

Anyhow the day of the race, I had a monthly visitor show up, and didn't start the race feeling like I was going to do well. My legs felt heavy and I really felt like I had to keep pushing to keep going. I just kept finding landmarks in front of me and talking myself into running to the next one. Before I hit the one mile mark, I was already starting to feel better. The first few minutes are the hardest for me...the entire time my brain is trying to convince me to stop, and I was able to get past it this time without it stopping me. I actually know exactly when that happened and it felt great to reach the one mile mark without having stopped once.

I did walk the biggest climb in elevation, but then kept making myself start running again and I guess it paid off because I never expected to have that much improvement in this race (in fact, I was expecting to do worse than my April race). Of course that means I need to keep it up for the next race but I think all the interval training I have been doing on the hills near my house will help. If nothing else, my legs feel and look better.


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Friday, May 20, 2011

Week 20 MCP Project 52

BusyBeeThis is my submission for the week. The theme was Spring Fever and I just had to capture the bees going crazy over the newly bloomed flowers in the yard.

I only did the auto-correct, and the addition of a fuzzy border in GIMP 2.


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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feels Good

I spent too much time today on the help boards, but other than a couple idiots that I would rather forget, I helped a lot of people and it feels good. Blogger had a major outage last week after some maintenance and they had to roll it back a few days which means a lot of people lost posts, comments and other changes they made during that time.

Obviously the staff at Blogger has been working non-stop to get things back to normal but there are always ones and twos of things that get lost along the way. I just got done finding the text for this blogger's post that they probably spent hours writing (it was super long) and now they have the post, that they thought they lost, back. It feels great to be able to fix something for someone so quickly. I think this feeling is part of why I love working on computers and supporting people with their technical issues.

Now I just need to get paid to do it.....haha.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hooked on Puzzles

So this site is killing me...addicted (thanks Mom), and I am at the point now that I am even creating my own puzzles for the heck of it.

My profile is MishkaOP on it if you want to check out some of my puzzles.

It is a lot of fun so if you have time check it out...but be warned, it is addictive if you like jigsaw puzzles.


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Friday, May 13, 2011

Week 19 MCP Project 52

Bluebell This is my submission for the project this week. We were supposed to do Window Light as a theme but I had to just go with natural light (which is basically the same) since my indoor light is not very good for the most part.

I only added a border and did the autocorrect on this other playing. I probably need to start posting earlier in the week so I can try out some different tools on my images rather than just getting something up at the last minute that I don't have time to edit.


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Friday, May 06, 2011

WC Rufus

Unedited video I just shot of this little guy...will try to get some edited footage of him later...but just had to share this almost daily attempt.


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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Week 18 MCP Project 52


This is my submission for the week. The theme was first thing in the morning. I only added a border, and auto corrected color and light.

I was amazed that I was able to fit the submission in this week since this was a crazy week with setting up two suprise gifts for family, and preparing to travel to see some family.


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Friday, April 29, 2011

Geocaching Craziness

The cache exposed
Went to a park the day before my run to check out the route and decided to do some geoaching while I was there. It was pretty cool because I had never been to the park and it has a lot to offer that I didn't know about and the geocaching probably took me to parts of it that I wouldn't have explored just to scout for the run.

The cache back in place
One of the caches actually required me to climb 20 ft in the air up a tree....I haven't had to climb a tree in a while so it was definitely kind of interesting but at least I found the cache.

The area it was hidden in
Anyhow, this one took a while to find as you can see it was very well camo'd. I had to check the logs while I was out in the woods and it gave me some clues as to what to look for. After a few minutes of poking around, this cache was found.

There are a few more caches in this park and the adjacent park, so when I go there again, I'll try to get those. I have another race in May that goes through this same area so perhaps I will be able to get them then.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tuscaloosa Tornado

This has to be the best amateur footage I have ever seen of a tornado not to mention such a huge one that was so close...I just had to share it. It is long but worth it!!


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HR Bullsh1t

I think it is crap that the majority of HR departments I have dealt with in the last few months DO NOT send any kind of notice to those that have taken the time to apply for positions they have listed, when they have decided to go with someone else.

It is rude and unprofessional. Some of these companies take months to hire so just assuming you have been passed up because you haven't heard anything in 30 days is not fact, I did that with one and they wrote back saying that they were still working on the filling the position (this was two weeks after the projected start date) and would be emailing all applicants regardless of their decision to hire or not. I went to their site yesterday and there are no open positions any longer but I never did get an email from them.

They don't have to go into a lot of details, but at least a note so you aren't sitting there hoping to get an interview or position for ages. It amazes me that any of them can even hire anyone because by the time they make up their mind, I imagine most of the prospectives have found other jobs.


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Monday, April 25, 2011


I looked back in the archives and couldn't find that I even posted about my first 5K this year (the first one I have actually run in rather than walked), so I am going to talk about both races now.

On New Year's morning at the stroke of 12:01am, I did a 5K through the downtown part of town. It was absolutely freezing (no kidding, it was in the low 20s), and part of the reason I was convinced to run most of it was due to the fact that it was so darn cold and it was the only way I could stay warm. On that night, I improved my 5K time by over 10 minutes (because in the past I have always just walked them).

This past weekend, I did my second 5K for the year. It was on Earth Day. I wanted to do something for Earth Day and part of the proceeds from the race fees were going to good causes. This one went through two different parks I had never been to (although I went to check them out the day before the race). I didn't improve on my time but this race was also the first with hills and that made a difference. I had improved my two mile time by a full minute, but the last mile had some big hills in it and I am sure that is where I lost some time back. Regardless, I felt good about my effort and had a great time doing it.

The next race I am looking at doing is on May 22nd. It too will be near the parks I did this last one at, in fact I think the same hills are in it too. It will also be keeping with my tradition (if you can call it that) of participating in races that are sponsored by breweries (which means that a pint or drink of something is always a benefit after the race). Wish me luck!!


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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Picture Projects

I am supposed to be posting in two different picture projects, one is once a week and the other is once a month. I missed most of March for both of them due to having too many other things going on. I am trying to be better this month.

The weekly one has a deadline of midnight on Friday and I don't know why, but I keep forgetting until Sat morning (like today). All week, I have known the theme for the week and took lots of pics but just didn't get one edited and uploaded...grr.

This coming week's theme is furry friends...funny because I have been taking a lot of shots of Chase, and I have some geocaching plans this weekend so we'll see what I come up with there too.

The monthly project has a theme of inspiration so I will have to come up with something...but at least I will have some time on this one. I am doing a 5K next Saturday so perhaps that will "inspire" me to find something...

The whole idea of both of these projects was just to get me shooting again. I have been a bit down (understatement of the year) and not interested in much of anything and this is supposed to be motivating me to take pics and see beauty in things. And I am motivated, I take tons of pictures, just not always the right "theme".

Speaking of pictures, I just uploaded 4 of my favorites for the month to York so I could order cards. I am amazed at how much greeting cards at the store, cost these days (I usually make my own), but I don't have any of my card stuff here, so creating them and ordering them from York saves me some money and lets me be a bit creative. I ordered 4 sets, 1 set for bday cards and 1 set for Mother's Day some of you will get to see them sooner than others. The other two sets will just be for correspondence or perhaps Father's Day cards. It is saving me some bucks doing it this way and I am excited to see how they look in real life.


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Templates and Fonts

I really am enjoying the number of options that Blogger has started to offer its users in templates and now in fonts too. As you can see, I have adjusted the font and template to something different for each of my blogs (even for those you can't see or don't know are mine).

Recently I updated my mom's blog which had an old header I created on it and simpler templates into something that I think reflects her much better. It is more about the writer than it is about decorating it up like it is a Myspace page.

These new templates have inspired me to write more frequently on all of my blogs and that is always a good thing!!

Check them out sometime if you are on a Blogger blog yourself!!


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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Strange Gym People

Okay, for the last two days, I have had to go to the afternoon version of my circuit class because of schedule conflicts with my normal time. So it is the same work and effort but a completely different group of people (in each class in fact).

Today, there was a lady in the class that was probably at least 10 years older than me, but for some reason, I got the distinct impression that she was competing with me the entire time I was there.

She wasn't on the circuit near me, actually she was about 10 stations behind me. I kept finding her staring at me and when I would smile back, she would just keep staring.

After I finished the circuit, I went over to work on abs and more leg exercises. So I got the equipment that I needed and started doing my thing. After about 10 minutes, she comes over near me with a balance ball (I was using one for abs) and starts doing these exercises that were similar to me but a step up from what I was doing. Which was fine, except that she couldn't do the exercise and it seemed like she was just trying to one up me or something rather than just concentrate on her own work out.

The whole experience was just very strange. I probably won't see her again unless I have to make up a class again, so I am not too concerned. If anything, I found it amusing....


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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Happy Birthday Rick!!

Just wanted to wish my father-in-law a very happy birthday....hope you aren't celebrating too hard!!!

Love and miss you!!!


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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Munchkin!!!

Today is my little sister's birthday.

I remember getting to hold her when she was a baby but I had to sit still on the couch and not try to carry her around. I was only 5 1/2 when she was born so she was like a new doll for me. Of course that wore off when she started walking and had those "clod stomper" shoes...haha.

We had a teenage years of thinking that the other was just not cool enough to be seen with but once we both grew up a bit, we became close and we grow closer every year. This is the first time in a long time that we have been able to see much of each other and it has been fabulous. She inspires me in so many ways!!!

I love you sis, and I hope you have a great day and year!!!


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