Saturday, April 16, 2011

Picture Projects

I am supposed to be posting in two different picture projects, one is once a week and the other is once a month. I missed most of March for both of them due to having too many other things going on. I am trying to be better this month.

The weekly one has a deadline of midnight on Friday and I don't know why, but I keep forgetting until Sat morning (like today). All week, I have known the theme for the week and took lots of pics but just didn't get one edited and uploaded...grr.

This coming week's theme is furry friends...funny because I have been taking a lot of shots of Chase, and I have some geocaching plans this weekend so we'll see what I come up with there too.

The monthly project has a theme of inspiration so I will have to come up with something...but at least I will have some time on this one. I am doing a 5K next Saturday so perhaps that will "inspire" me to find something...

The whole idea of both of these projects was just to get me shooting again. I have been a bit down (understatement of the year) and not interested in much of anything and this is supposed to be motivating me to take pics and see beauty in things. And I am motivated, I take tons of pictures, just not always the right "theme".

Speaking of pictures, I just uploaded 4 of my favorites for the month to York so I could order cards. I am amazed at how much greeting cards at the store, cost these days (I usually make my own), but I don't have any of my card stuff here, so creating them and ordering them from York saves me some money and lets me be a bit creative. I ordered 4 sets, 1 set for bday cards and 1 set for Mother's Day some of you will get to see them sooner than others. The other two sets will just be for correspondence or perhaps Father's Day cards. It is saving me some bucks doing it this way and I am excited to see how they look in real life.


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Jocelyn said...

Pick a picture out and make a card for me friend!!! I loved our christmas card the MOSTEST. I love you the Mostest too. :-)

Mishka said...

Love you too....miss you more than you know. I will send you some cards for sure...I do need to make one of you and I...that would be fun!!