Friday, September 27, 2013

Rebuilding The Wii

So as you know from this post, I had dismantled the Wii in hopes that the disc read error I was running into was strictly due to a retaining clip...didn't turn out to be, so I had to order a new DVD drive for the Wii.

New drive and open instructions

It came in the mail a few days ago and today, I decided to give it a shot. I pulled up the two sites I had bookmarked for accomplishing this task as well as re-assembling the Wii and got to it.

Needed to double check that the replacement drive came with the rubber grommets that my old one had, and it did. I also checked to make sure the chip numbers matched up, and they did. I then started the steps to reconnect the drive to the console. Once I got the DVD drive connected and the clamshell back on it, I decided to test it before I put anything else back together. I plugged it all in, and then inserted a game disc....and we had a WORKING Wii Console!!!

Tested with the Jeopardy disc

New drive + console with only clamshell

I then unplugged everything, and put the rest of it together, twice. First time, I had an missing screw somehow, and the OCD in me couldn't let that go....second time around, have no idea, but I ended up not having a missing screw so all is right with the world.

All back together, no extra screws!

I guess now, I will try emailing the company that I bought the drive from (it was refurbished) and see if they want my old drive to refurbish it for another user at some point in the future...would rather do that, than give the drive to the landfill.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Soup And Tea

Trying to fight off a head cold I probably picked up on the plane on the trip to the midwest I took last week. Been living on fluids, soups, vitamins and rest...

So I took this udon soup and added fresh garlic, fresh ginger, and fresh green onions for lunch...made up some genmai-cha (green tea with roasted rice) as well. Should be a nice boost to the immune system (fingers crossed).

Last night, I took some egg drop soup and added the same fresh ingredients to it for dinner and added some warmed up jasmine rice I had in the fridge for extra calories. It tasted pretty good. I have bouillon for pho bo, tom yum and tom kha, so I am covered for a while and still don't have to eat the same soup twice!

Gotta run, want to get to this beautiful bowl of soup before it cools down!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Sometimes Technology Is Just Not Your Friend

Dissembled Wii
If you know me, you know I am a geeky little nerd and while I don't think that going out and buying the newest thing is the smartest thing to do, I am a believer is the use of technology in many forms.

Lately, it seems like I have been inundated with technology issues. As you know from this post, I was having issues with the cable/phone/internet a few weeks ago. That has been resolved and we even got a refund for the day we were without service.

On top of that, the loader/ejector for the CD player in our truck stopped working last fall, and now it looks like the driver's side door speaker is done now too. We have had both speakers in the front doors replaced years ago because they both blew, and the truck was still under warranty. Shortly after that, Chevy issued a recall for the front door speakers but since we had new ones, I didn't think anything of it...but I am now wondering if they just put in the same type that were in there before and these two should have been recalled (might have to call the dealership about this one). So that is frustrating for me to say the least.

Then the hand blender that I have loved for several years decided it was done. I found this out while in the middle of making a smoothie for dinner which made the smoothie not all that smooth. I have found a replacement online that might be even better since there was no way to fix this one.

The other day, I got a hair up my ass about wanting to play some games on the Wii. I turned the Wii on, and after a few mins, got a disc read error. I followed the instructions on the screen to no avail, and started Googling. Looked like my problem was based in the fact that I tend to leave a DVD in the console all the time, and that there is a retaining clip that can be rubbing on the disc causing it to not get up to read speed. So I dissembled the entire console, and did all the bending recommended in many tutorials and YouTube videos but this still did not help things. The sound to me, sounded like it was coming from a different spot than just the retaining clip. So after fiddling with it for several hours, I decided to look at how much it would be to change out the DVD drive (since it is basically just like the ones in a computer and I have installed plenty of those).

I looked online and it was easy enough to find a replacement drive for much cheaper than replacing the entire console or buying an upgrade (Wii U), so I ordered it, and it is on its way. Right now, the Wii console is in parts all over our entertainment center with items taped in place so I don't forget where things go.

Keep your fingers crossed that the DVD fix works, and that at some point, I am able to get the speaker and CD player in the truck fixed. I don't want to change the CD player out myself since it is connected to the alarm system for the truck and I don't want to mess with the door speaker either since our doors are all electric and I would hate to mess something up that major (especially on the driver's door).

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cleaning Project

My SIL and BIL moved this past week, and are finally into their own home now and enjoying it immensely. In the process of the move, which took about a week due to schedules of everyone involved, we tried to get some unpacking done to make these feel a bit less overwhelming. My MIL and SIL were unpacking part of the kitchen and realized that while the entire house has new paint and new floors, no one ever bothered to check above the kitchen cabinets. We were wiping out the cabinets as we were adding dishes to them, but the above counter top area was going to take more than a "wipe out".

Sideview because of small space, before
The next day, I brought over my vacuum since it has a hose on it and we could put it on a step stool and reach up to do the initial cleanup. Once that was done, I went to town with rags and cleaning supplies to get that baby cleaned up. I just wanted my SIL to have a fresh clean start in her new home and I knew she was looking forward to being able to use that space to display some of her blue glass collection. I didn't want her to have to stop the process of unpacking to tackle a lousy job...consider it my gift to her...LOL.

Sideview again due to headspace, after
Anyhow, since I was the only one that had ventured up on to the counters to see what a mess it was, I decided I better document it...these pics are from above one of the cabinets closest to the stove so they were the worst of the bunch. The others were mostly dust and overspray from the latex paint on the walls.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Chk, chk, chk

Been trying to knock some things off the list lately...and it feels good, but never seems to make a dent...always so many more things on the list.

Today has been a productive phone day, made some calls and got some things scheduled. Found out that the paint on our truck canopy is covered by warranty and the original place we bought it still has the proof of purchase so will be getting that fixed as soon as the proof comes in the mail. It will be weird to drive the truck without a canopy while it is getting repainted. I am betting the paint won't match exactly because the paint on our truck and the canopy has been on the same amount of time and now the canopy will have new paint but it has to be better than the little bubbles we are seeing right now.

Scheduled doc appt, and the HVAC service appt as well. Scheduling worked out perfect. Still have trip to Google later this month on the schedule, and made airline arrangements for annual trip to see Gpa, but still need to reserve rental car.

Tried to play some Wii last night but it seems that something is wrong with the disk drive on it...have to get a special screwdriver to take it apart, so that might be a bit of a wait. I am bummed because I was geared up to get back into playing some of the games (especially the ones that make you move). Hopefully it won't be too complicated of a fix, figure if I can fix computers, I can look at this and see if there is a way to fix it.

Fall is coming rather quickly and I have a lot of stuff to get into the ground before it does, not to mention a lot of yard work to do as soon as it starts getting cold. That is one reason getting these two trips taken care of works out perfectly. It will still be warm enough when I get back to tackle some of the projects.

Been enjoying the football, soccer, golf and Nascar on this time of year for sports. Need to get some geocaches and more consistent exercise in excuses.

Ordered a leaf net to cover the pool with this fall to catch all the leaves I spent hours fishing out last year...hopefully it works like it should and reduces the amount of time and effort required.

All in all, trying to do what I can do and control what I can control...the rest is out of my hands...LOL

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