Sunday, January 24, 2010


I hate that even when I KNOW I am getting a lot of others things done, there are certain things that will make me feel like a slacker if I don't accomplish them.

These things are exercise (which should be the highest priority), corresponding, and time doing all the little things that I am interested in but don't seem to find time for (Japanese studying, writing, guitar, piano, beading, cards, geocaching...etc). This third thing is a real bugger since I can see evidence of these interests all over the house...One of the few things I do devote time to regardless is my reading...have to have my reading.

Lately, corresponding and writing have been the top of the list of things that I have been slacking on. Writing is a release for me and I have always loved it, and used it to my benefit. I have kept a journal since I was in the 6th grade. Corresponding with family and friends has always been something I have enjoyed and taken time for but it seems in the last year, I haven't been very good at staying on top of it.

Part of why I am writing this post is because I hate that I haven't been blogging like I want to, but of course right now I am supposed to be out of the house in 25 minutes and I am still drinking my morning coffee and sitting in my pajamas so this will not be my best composition. I can't tell if it is better that I am writing something or if I should wait and write something better....catch 22 on that.

So here is an attempt to not be a slacker....hopefully I can keep it up.


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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just Stuff

So, I guess if you don't know me on Facebook, you probably don't know that my PC went down the other day and I have not been able to get it back up. Looks like the motherboard is toast which I am trying to think of, in a positive light, as an opportunity to upgrade my system. Irritating part is that I can't just upgrade the motherboard since this computer has been so loyal and stable since I built in 2003 and nothing internally is the same now as it was. Turns out (big surprise) that technology has continued on and some of it is completely new to me...which means that I have been doing some research so that I can build something that we meet our needs and be "current" for at least a while. So I am looking at, a new power supply, new motherboard, new CPU, new RAM and new harddrive...the only thing I can salvage from the old system is the ATX box, the USB card readers, and the two DVD burners.

My old hard drive is not dead and fortunately, I did back it up recently, but I still have a few things on it that I don't have backed up (recent pictures and documents). So I bought this contraption the other day that I can use to turn an internal harddrive into an external harddrive. This means I can connect the old harddrive to a working computer and then hook my back up drive to the same computer and transfer the data I want off that old harddrive off. I also then need to wipe that drive if I want to use it on the new system as a back up since I really want to reuse my OS license on the new computer when I am done building it...

All of this of course couldn't fall at a worse time of the year for me...this is when I do my year end filing and get ready for tax season. Having my computer in pieces in my office is just not conducive to getting any other "year end" tasks done.

On another note, I am thoroughly enjoying my new Stephen King book. Usually I get one of his books (near Christmas), and I push everything else off to the side and read it in about 3 days (and am then bummed that it is over so quick). This time, the book is huge, and I have been so busy that I can only really read at night before bed. This means I am getting a lot more time out of this one and I love it. The story is set in a New England town (big surprise) and there are nice characters and not so nice characters in this town. All of them are so believable that I find myself getting mad at the not so nice characters when they do mean things to the others. I can picture them all, as well as the town itself, and the situation that they all find themselves in. This means that even after the book is done, I'll be wondering what the characters are doing for weeks.

Finally, besides looking for a paying job, I am also trying to write more (here, in my journal, and in my writing workbooks). I have had a few ideas and I want to get them down. I want to get back to my Japanese too because it really has been put off to the side in all the "busy-ness" I have encountered over the last few months. Since I am taking back some of my time, writing, creating, and studying are high on my list of things I want to focus on. Last but not least, exercising is back on the front burner for me....and it feels good to be able to find a routine again. I really has some good results before the holidays really got underway and I want to stay motivated.


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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Believe

This is a guided freewriting exercise I did a while back, and just reread...I liked what it said and I thought it was appropriate for my current state of mind. Enjoy.

I Believe

I believe in love at first sight. I believe in the calm before the storm. I believe in making wishes on dandelions. I believe in caring enough about the people around you that you overlook their flaws. I believe in being fair. I believe in the National Anthem. I believe in listening to kids when they talk. I believe in the love in a pet's eyes. I believe in hoping for the best and being willing to try. I believe in green. I believe in life. I believe in giving when its not expected of you. I believe in second chances. I believe in women. I believe in learning as much as you can. I believe in breathing fresh air. I believe that taking time for sun rises and sun sets is good for your heart. I believe in elderly people. I believe in veterans. I believe in having an open mind. I believe in keeping it simple. I believe in mountains, creeks, oceans, and trees. I believe in honesty.


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