Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feels Good

I spent too much time today on the help boards, but other than a couple idiots that I would rather forget, I helped a lot of people and it feels good. Blogger had a major outage last week after some maintenance and they had to roll it back a few days which means a lot of people lost posts, comments and other changes they made during that time.

Obviously the staff at Blogger has been working non-stop to get things back to normal but there are always ones and twos of things that get lost along the way. I just got done finding the text for this blogger's post that they probably spent hours writing (it was super long) and now they have the post, that they thought they lost, back. It feels great to be able to fix something for someone so quickly. I think this feeling is part of why I love working on computers and supporting people with their technical issues.

Now I just need to get paid to do it.....haha.

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Miranda said...

You most definitely SHOULD get paid!!!! You helped me out a bunch! So, I've been browsing your blog and I must admit that you put me to shame!! I just read about all of your running and exercising, and I got exhausted. HA!