Monday, June 25, 2012

Predator Quail

In the process of moving and due to a family emergency, there have been a lot of trips to my hometown area in the last six weeks. During that time, I have been able to see the transformation my aunt and mom are making at Grandma's house in terms of outside decor and construction.

They have been able to remove a raised bed that wasn't functional and move all the dirt to the other side of the house to fill in where it was needed. They have pavers, and plants and it is really starting to come together. Over Mother's Day weekend, new flowering plants were gained from purchases and gifts, and our bird friends started coming over for snacks.

Turns out that there is an entire flock of quail that seem to make the rounds each day throughout the neighborhood...and the flowering plants at Grandma's are just one of the stops at this time. One morning as we were getting ready to start on the To Do List for the day, we found this sweetie hanging out waiting for the coast to clear for landing near the closest flowers...

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Big Kitty Door

My friend has this wonderful cat that is rightly named "Big Kitty"...she lives up to this name, not in the way that Sissy, my other's friends cat did, but she definitely could lose some pounds. I saw this kitty door just for "larger" cats at Lowe's today and just couldn't pass up the opportunity to send a pic of it to my girlfriend and then post about it here...LOL.

Big Kitty Door


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