Friday, August 21, 2009

Making A Cup Of Coffee

I have fallen in love with the one serving coffee filter you can find makes coffee for me so quick, with less work, and definitely less mess...

First I turn on the hot water pot, this one is from Taiwan and makes a pot of hot water in the time it takes me to brush my teeth. It is great for tea, the French press, cups of soup, or my individual coffee filters.

This is the individual pouch...I get 30 of these in a bag for about 10 bucks.

This is what the filter looks like when out of the bag. It has directions for opening printed on the side of the filter.

You open the filter by tearing along the line...making sure to knock all the grounds to the bottom first.

Fold the side handles out and then pop the back piece in to make a little hook.

You fit the now open filter pack on the top of your cup with the side handles and the little back handle.

You pour the hot water in, and let it drain. You have to do this several times to get the cup full but it still only takes a few minutes total.

It is actually handy to use the wrapper as a holder for the spent coffee filter.

And finally, my finished cup (waiting of course for a teaspoon of sugar and some milk).

I hope that someday when we live back in the US, I will be able to find these somewhere...they do not taste like instant coffee, but like freshly brewed drip coffee and the hard thing about getting addicted to something from a new place is that you might not find them later on when you live somewhere else.


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Haha said...

Does this mean that I cannot send you this great french press that also serves as your coffee mug? My friend at work has one and I thought you might love it as it is one step coffee, but the french press way. I will probably send it anyway just because.

Mishka said...

Sure, send it...I am up for trying anything...and when I am out of packets I use the french press with coffee I have in the fridge...