Monday, April 11, 2005

The Somewhat Downside

How's that for a title? In all my joy at seeing spring finally peak its head from the cold clutches of winter, there is a small downside.

I love having the windows open when it is nice out, fresh air, some music on the stereo, incense burning in one of my potted plants and I am taken back to my youth instantly....okay, another story for another time. Anyhow, back to the windows being open. Currently we are in the 5-21 day period that the pines in this lovely part of the world shed their if there is even a crack of a window open (car or house), everything inside will be covered in a little greenish yellow haze. Makes you realize very quickly how much dust is probably sitting all over things normally that you can't see. If I couldn't see this haze, it wouldn't be that big of a deal as I was lucky enough to be born without allergies....(knock on wood). Unfortunately, I can see it and it is everywhere (and dust drives me nuts if I can see it). This requires serious dusting and not with anything that just spreads it around either. You have to use Pledge wipes or something else with liquidy tendencies to get it all.

So, we had quite a dump of it a few days ago and being new to the area, I thought that was it. I went through, dusted the heck out of every nook and cranny (didn't know I had these, did you?). I was very pleased with myself. It was sort of a forced-upon spring cleaning spree. So this weekend I was back to opening the windows and enjoying the breeze....apparently it was not over. It is all back, only not quite as bad, but it is also in the car because someone else (names shall not be named) left the windows cracked last night.

I finally gave in and searched the web. I only learned a minute ago from a very informational website, the length of this pollen decent upon the world (the 5-21 days I mentioned above) so I guess I will be forced to keep the windows closed for a bit sad because by the time we can open them up, it might be too muggy and hot to do so.


Peeved Michelle said...

If everything is already dusty, why don't you just leave them open and wait a couple weeks to dust, or does the thought of doing that strain against every fiber of your being?

Mishka said...

If I couldn't see it, it would be no problem waiting...but because it is yellowish and very easy to see, it grates on my every nerve...