Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar eclipse shrouds Asia in daytime darkness

It was so cool to be so close to the total solar eclipse today. We only had a 92% total here but it was still very cool. The sun was only a tiny sliver (much like the moon looks when it is just starting out for the month). My sister and I always called it a fingernail moon. This was a fingernail sun at the fullest part.

The sky was darkened like we were in a shadow and the temperature definitely dropped. We had some thin cloud cover but the camera and welding glass still allowed me to see through it to the sun. It seemed like it lasted a long time but it was really only a bit over 6 minutes.

I was kind of suprised that I couldn't see the moon at all as it approached the sun or even as it looked just like a circular shade was being drawn.

I found that the welding glass was the best for taking pictures and the reverse binoculars worked best for watching the progress when I wasn't taking pictures. I didn't want to watch it much through the glass because I didn't want to hurt my eyes even a little bit.

I think I actually got a few decent shots even if the sun looks green in them. I would like to get a solar filter for my telescope so I can check out the sun more often with it and perhaps get some shots of solar flares or spots sometime.


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Haha said...

Woohoo - I would have never thought of welding glasses. I am so glad you got to experience this. Another great moment for your memory book! We definately have to get you that sun filter!