Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 26 MCP Project 52


This is my submission for this week. The theme is Hidden Object, and while these poppies didn't really qualify as hidden, they definitely were the rarity in this field of blue.

I only used the auto correct for color and light balance and then added a fuzzy border.


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally, Evidence

The study mentioned in this article just goes to prove what I have been thinking all along...watching stupid television shows makes you stupid as well. If there was ever an argument for turning off the cr@p that the broadcast networks and junk cable networks put out, this is it.

I heard about this article this morning on my drive to the gym, and really thought the DJs were going to tell me that the show would make me smarter...you can imagine my relief that my decision to never watch this show or half the other reality cr@p that is on TV these days has not caused me any kind of damage. I was just thinking the other morning that it is amazing to me how the networks (cable and broadcast) get away with putting out such cr@p but it is due to the fact that people want to watch it, which says a lot about us...now doesn't it?

Personally I could give a damn what any "real wives" of any town, or any of the big celebrity idiots that have no other talent, but to invite people into their homes to see how stupid they really are, are doing. I don't care about crazy women that push their children into looking like prostitutes on a stage when they are 3 years old so that they can live vicariously through them to get some tiara and a sash pinned on them are doing. I can live without knowing who fading rock stars want to marry, or who no talent plastic surgery bimbos want to play games with this season. Now I know most of this is cable television, but the broadcast networks are no better. They play infomercials, and judge whomever all day long...and wonder why people don't want to tune in for anything that requires more than a minutes thought. They wonder why some of the best television being put out these days is on premium television like HBO.

So I am glad to hear news like this that indicates I am correct in my refusal to waste valuable minutes of my life watching any of that drivel...finally, evidence that there is a bad side to all that garbage!!


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Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 25 MCP Project 52


This is my submission for the project this week. The theme was Craving...and sushi is definitely something I crave. I only did the autocorrect for light balance and color balance, and added a fuzzy border in GIMP 2.


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Maru And A Very Small Box

I have loved this kitty for ages...and I hope you do too!!


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Friday, June 10, 2011

Week 23 MCP Project 52

This was a fun one. I got some exercise during my search for this subject. I thought that this statue fit the bill perfectly. The theme for this week was Enchantment.

I used the auto correct for color and light balance, and then added a wind action (in GIMP 2) and a fuzzy border.


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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Jerks On Parade

Just had to repost this on both my FB and on my blog because jerks like this need to be humiliated as much or more than they have humiliated others. How he can sleep with a barely legal teenager, refuse to marry her and then accuse her of killing his baby on a bulletin board needs some kind of punishment. So if I can contribute to public humiliation for him, I will. His name is Greg Fultz and he is 35 according to this article....maybe he will show up in some search engines for @ssholes now....haha.


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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Shutter Sisters For June

HydrangeaThis is my submission for June. The word of the month is Details and I just couldn't pass up this beauty. I used the auto correct for light and coloring initially. I then added a fuzzy border and a built in soft glow filter from GIMP 2 in order to bump the white and give it that "wedding" look. I thought it came out pretty nice.

You can see information about the Shutter Sisters One Word Project on the sidebar to the right if you are interested in participating...it is a lot of fun.

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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday Duties

So, today was forecasted to be much like yesterday but it is already not looking the same...which works okay for me because I really need to get some school work done and sunny skies with breezes are not conducive to school work. So I am going to get something to eat, get some exercise in, and then hit the books for the rest of the day...that way, when the week starts tomorrow, I will be caught up and feel good about focusing on other things.

This week is also finals week for my circuit class (not that we have a final) and then we are off for a week and head back for summer term. In the summer the class meets for 1 hour 4 times a week though, so at least I will be guaranteed 4 days of exercise no matter what...


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Friday, June 03, 2011

Week 22 MCP Project 52

DewDrops This is my submission for this week. The theme was Reflection and I was able to get into the yard before the dew all dried up this morning. I didn't make any changes other than to autocorrect the light and color, and then add the border. I have not managed to meet my goal of posting my images earlier in the week so I can play with more of the effects.


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