Monday, June 26, 2006

Family Reunion

Well, the reunion is over and all is well. We are getting ready to leave Nebraska tomorrow and head towards home.

From my last post, we had landed in Nebraska onWednesday night. We went out to dinner with Grandpa and Jo and then had a game of cards before heading back to the hotel. On Thursday we played golf with Grandpa at his club and got all the golfing muscles working again. It was great fun. Some family was expected to show up that night so we hung out near the house waiting for new arrivals. Turns out we even had family come that we didn't know were going to be able to come. It was a great surprise. We ended up putting a few leafs in the table and setting the table for 10 by the end of the night and had a great visit.

On Friday we played golf again but this time at a different place, it was a nice course with lots of hills on it. After golf, I went with Grandpa to Omaha to pick up a couple people that were flying in, and then we all went out to dinner at this cool restaurant and had some terrific prime rib and conversation. I took lots of pictures while we were there because it was almost like a mini-reunion as almost everyone got in that night. Many of us headed back to Grandpa's after dinner but didn't stay late as we had an early tee time the next day with the reunion picnic to follow in the afternoon.

On Saturday, much needed rain showed up (almost ruining the golfing plans) and made for a cooler morning. We still played golf and it was actually almost perfect. The early cloud cover kept things nice and cool. We played a scramble format so our big group would move quicker through the course and so we could have a little competition. It was a fabulous time. After golf we went back to the house and got ready for the picnic which we had moved from the park down the street to the house for logistical reasons. J's sister had done all the food preparation and we would have all starved if it wasn't for her. She did a terrific job and didn't even seem to be stressed at all (I probably would have lost my mind). Everyone had fun and lots of food. J's mom wasn't feeling too hot on Saturday (although she did play golf with us) so I made sure to take lots of pics and video so she could see everything. Hopefully when I get home and look at the footage and the pictures, we have something to work with.

On Sunday, we played golf again at granpa's club in the scramble format. It was a lot of fun and my team ended up winning. We didn't get to warm up much so my first half was a bit iffy but my drives came back by the second 9. A few people had to leave on Sunday so the goodbyes started then. After golfing we had some lunch, and hung out playing cards and exchanging stories. Sunday evening even more people had to get going but we were able to get a spreadsheet started with contact infor for everyone so hopefully that will make it easier for all of us to stay in touch.

On Monday, the few of us that are still left got together for lunch and dinner. Grandpa didn't play golf with his league since he had been playing so much this week. We played some cards and got things organized for our trip back home. Tomorrow morning we are meeting everyone for breakfast so we can say goodbye and get on the road. I don't know how far we will drive but we want to get some miles under our belt. I have 4 new states to find geocaches in, and that will require some research on the Internet. I think I am only covered for half of the trip so far.

I'll update more as the trip winds down. Sounds like we are getting lots of rain on the East Coast so I am thinking that our sun here might be the last for a while.....hope not.

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HaHa said...

Wow - you had a terrific reunion! I am glad you had so much fun. I hope J's mom is feeling better and I know you will have a blast looking for caches on the way home. I will be looking forward to your next post!