Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bogged Down

Soccer practice was good yesterday, although everytime I play these days, my feet hurt. I don't know if it is because my shoes are getting worn out (they look fine) or what but it is making it less fun for me. I have to find a solution soon.

At least I burned some calories. I need to get some exercise in today as well but it will have to wait until later this afternoon when it gets cooler. We have had rumors of rain the last two days and it hasn't happened so I definitely need to water tonight as well.

I didn't get any yard work done the other day but I picked up some more mulch yesterday and plan to put it out this afternoon so I can get some pinestraw on Friday for our front yard. It is desparately looking dried out. I also found some basil plants so I can get my container going better than they are now. My basil production is pretty low...haha.

I have been getting notices via email about registration for class so I guess I need to do that....I just keep hoping to enjoy the summer a bit more before having to think about school again.

I have one geocache and two travel bugs that I need to place and the makings for 3 more geocaches and two more travel bugs that need to get going. The heat and deer flies have stifled my desire to hike the local trails.

Cards....oh am I behind in cards...but oh well, I can't do everything everyday and I let myself get procrastinated too easily. Just need to get some focus and start marking things off the list.

Gosh it seems like I am always posting about my to do list...guess you can tell what occupies most of my day, huh?


haha said...

Sounds like a shoe thing, perhaps the arch support has broken down. There are some very good ones on the market that you can try if the rest of the shoe is in good shape. You know when you have Barbie Doll feet you are going to have problems with those arches...

Mishka said...

I have good gel sport support insoles that I just got in them...worked for a while but I think it is a combination of my feet moving around in my shoe and perhaps the way I run on my toes...heehee.