Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dusty and Salami Tsunami Blog

I have this blog in my blog roll...I have loved reading his stuff for his title says, he has been blogging since it before it was too.

Unfortunately, he is hosted on Wordpress (with a custom domain) and for some reason (even though I actually have a Wordpress login and password), Wordpress hates me and I have not been able to comment on any blog hosted by them even if it is on a custom domain for over a year....and I have no way to tell those that I read that I am having this comment problem on their blogs....grrr. I have tried to use Wordpress customer service and this has not helped...their CS is worse than ours at Blogger...even if you do get someone to answer, they don't really read what you are saying and just respond with canned answers that have nothing whatsoever to do with the problem. I have pretty much given up on commenting on any Wordpress blogs at this point.

Today, when I read Dusty's post, it rang true in so many ways for me because of a recent traveling experience that I figured I would comment (forgetting to check who the host of the blog was)...wrote this long comment and then it didn't I am posting it here...and maybe Dusty will see it someday...hehe.

"Thanks Dusty, great post. You had me laughing out loud several times.

I just recently stayed in a Marriot for a IT conference (where all 250+ of us were staying) and not only did I have a room with two huge beds for just me, I also had 8 pillows on each bed. I would move all the pillows over the vacant bed but the two I needed for sleeping each night and then the maid would move them back the next morning.

It didn't matter that I left my towels hanging up, they still replaced them everyday regardless of mine and the tree frog's wishes.

Internet connections in our rooms were 13 dollars a day (and not covered by the conference holders even though the double bed and 16 pillow rooms were), but we had free wireless in the guess where most of the 250+ people were everyday....yep, hanging out in the lobby so we could all have free Internet. I would have traded some of my pillows for the ability to log into my email in my pjs...."

Six Years Ago on In My Words...Epiphany

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cat said...

Hmm, do you have this problem on my blog, too? I had no idea! I wonder what the problem actually is?

Oh, well, I'm here reading you once again! (and you show up in my reader now, finally!)