Thursday, April 07, 2011

Strange Gym People

Okay, for the last two days, I have had to go to the afternoon version of my circuit class because of schedule conflicts with my normal time. So it is the same work and effort but a completely different group of people (in each class in fact).

Today, there was a lady in the class that was probably at least 10 years older than me, but for some reason, I got the distinct impression that she was competing with me the entire time I was there.

She wasn't on the circuit near me, actually she was about 10 stations behind me. I kept finding her staring at me and when I would smile back, she would just keep staring.

After I finished the circuit, I went over to work on abs and more leg exercises. So I got the equipment that I needed and started doing my thing. After about 10 minutes, she comes over near me with a balance ball (I was using one for abs) and starts doing these exercises that were similar to me but a step up from what I was doing. Which was fine, except that she couldn't do the exercise and it seemed like she was just trying to one up me or something rather than just concentrate on her own work out.

The whole experience was just very strange. I probably won't see her again unless I have to make up a class again, so I am not too concerned. If anything, I found it amusing....


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