Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photo Projects

I can't believe it...both photo projects are using the word Leap for the month of February.....I could use the same picture for both projects but I am going to try to see if I can come up with two pictures. I have to assume this means February this year is a Leap Year (which I didn't realize). That has to be a good sign, right? Just makes the Year of the Dragon that much more interesting!!

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Template Change

I decided that my old template was a little bit too hard to read without scrolling up to the light areas (because of the image) and a couple of my fellow bloggers have recently changed to white clean templates and I decided to give it a go...I might change up the header image again, but for now, I think I have something that works for me.

It took a bit of tweaking of gadget sizes and moving things around (since my old template was only two columns and this one is three), but I think I am happy with it. Seems a little "newslettery" but I like it. Of course this means that I am going to be mixing it up on my other blogs as well...they probably won't all end up looking like this one but for the ones that are hard to read, I will moving to something a bit more legible.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January MCP Project 12

My submission for the MCP Project 12 for January. The theme is Resolution and my running is my resolution for this year...rain or shine! I didn't do anything to this image other than add a fuzzy border and the regular auto correct for light and color.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Maru Is At It Again

I just can't help myself. I am sure he is chasing a bug in between the mirrors but he is just so damn cute!!


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You want to play????

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Lost Inconsistencies

1. Okay, here are a few more for you...there seems to be an unlimited supply of tarps. I mean everytime there is a new character added to the camp, someone gives them a pile of tarps to build their hut with. I mean, was the plane carrying a cargo hold full of tarps???

2. John's dad has him go into a bank and open a safe deposit box that he has never signed a signature card for. You can't just walk into a bank with a key for a sdb and open it without being on the account (unless you have a death cert for the box owner).

3. They apparently get supply drops from the Dharma Initiative, even thirty years after the initiative has ceased to exist but yet you never see where all that trash goes....I mean, cans and boxes of food and you never see where any of it goes. Now of course, they could be burning most of it, but still, all that metal and glass is not going to just burn up in a camp fire and it isn't like they have this huge incinerator somewhere...

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Photo Project Beginnings

It is a new year and time for both photo projects I participated in last year to start again...the one that was every week has modified to only be once a month and won't be using the Flickr group anymore but otherwise they are both the same.

MCP Project 12 is the one that used to be weekly and has changed to be monthy. This is a link to the post you can sign up with and you can upload pics on their blog rather than using the Flickr group like last year. I will probably use my blog as my hosting location for this one.

OWP badgeShutter Sister's One Word Project is the second one. This one has always been a monthly themed project and it continues to be. They will also continue to use the Flickr group for their hosting which is fine with me...I almost always make a post from my image for the month either way so it doesn't necessarily matter where the image is hosted at. The theme for January is your own word...a word that signifies something for you and you can post your word and your intention to participate on this post.

I am excited to start taking some shots and getting some ideas brewing in my head for both of these projects.

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I am bummed that I can't do this this year, but am excited that a couple of my friends are going and plan to help me out with some new stuff!!