Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally, Evidence

The study mentioned in this article just goes to prove what I have been thinking all along...watching stupid television shows makes you stupid as well. If there was ever an argument for turning off the cr@p that the broadcast networks and junk cable networks put out, this is it.

I heard about this article this morning on my drive to the gym, and really thought the DJs were going to tell me that the show would make me can imagine my relief that my decision to never watch this show or half the other reality cr@p that is on TV these days has not caused me any kind of damage. I was just thinking the other morning that it is amazing to me how the networks (cable and broadcast) get away with putting out such cr@p but it is due to the fact that people want to watch it, which says a lot about doesn't it?

Personally I could give a damn what any "real wives" of any town, or any of the big celebrity idiots that have no other talent, but to invite people into their homes to see how stupid they really are, are doing. I don't care about crazy women that push their children into looking like prostitutes on a stage when they are 3 years old so that they can live vicariously through them to get some tiara and a sash pinned on them are doing. I can live without knowing who fading rock stars want to marry, or who no talent plastic surgery bimbos want to play games with this season. Now I know most of this is cable television, but the broadcast networks are no better. They play infomercials, and judge whomever all day long...and wonder why people don't want to tune in for anything that requires more than a minutes thought. They wonder why some of the best television being put out these days is on premium television like HBO.

So I am glad to hear news like this that indicates I am correct in my refusal to waste valuable minutes of my life watching any of that drivel...finally, evidence that there is a bad side to all that garbage!!


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