Saturday, April 30, 2005

Come Back Birds

I filled both thistle feeders right before leaving but I knew with J's work schedule this month, that he would probably not get a chance to refill them if they were to run out. I didn't fill the suet feeder because I didn't want to deal with Rufus (our acrobatic squirrel). So the next morning after coming home, I looked out and indeed both thistle feeders were empty.

I got out there and filled both of them up and also put the suet feeder back up with new suet in it....I waited all day, and not one bird. I figured it would take them some time to figure out that there was seed again available after what I am sure seems to them as abandonment. Next day, I saw the bluebird pair at their cavity nest and one of the doves, but none of the regular feeder birds.

Well it has been two days now and I am only just starting to get the finches and cardinals back. Nothing like it was before but I have to say the male finches are very vibrant yellow so they must be in mating season now. I guess they are teaching me a lesson about leaving them without food for that week. No sign of Rufus or his friends either, so they must have given up as well.

Hopefully, given a few more days and some nice weather, we'll see a return to the feeders in the numbers like before. If not, that is okay too, at least some of them are returning and less birds means the feeders stay fuller, longer.


Chicken said...

I hope they come back. Rufus was so entertaining!

Mishka said...

I have seen the younger squirrel around but no Rufus, I think he might be tormenting some other bird feeder right now...I am sure he will come back after all the wildlife gets the word out that our feeders are back in business.

They already have it down to less than 1/3 over the course of a week, so I am sure they will be back up to normal numbers by next week for sure.