Monday, January 16, 2017

Pink Pussy Hat

I have never made a hat before, but the pattern I found on the PussyHat site made it look pretty easy. I added a bit to the pattern I got from it like the gray in the ears and the fold along the rim.

I am going to one of many Women's Marches across the nation on the 20th and made this hat just for that event. I am amazed it came out okay on my first try, I really didn't have to pull out much at all.

I know I don't talk about politics much on this blog, but I am very passionate about fair treatment of POC, women, the planet, and those that are marginalized based on religion, sexual orientation, and economic status in this world. The March is about standing up for the rights of those listed above. It is about telling the new "powers that be" that they are not going to take this country and this planet backwards without a fight. I am tired of being silent and accommodating...that time is over.

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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Eagle Cam

Harriet feeding E9 on the Eagle Cam right awesome to be able to see this up close!

Happy New Year to all!! We started out with some snow earlier but it has stopped and melted for now. We are expecting to get more though so we will see.

Now both parents are in the nest, must be time for the babysitting watch to change out for a bit. Looks like M15 is taking over for a bit so Harriet can go out and stretch her wings.

I haven't been as diligent as some watching the live feed but I do check in periodically as time allows. Just got lucky today that they were feeding and changing out.

Getting over a small chest cold this holiday season has slowed my activities but not so much that it hasn't still be a good season. The snow this morning on Day One of 2017 was a nice addition. Hoping the year is good for everyone...

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