Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Internet And Cable Woes

We have Charter for cable, internet and voip phone at our house. Yesterday, I noticed a company person working on the box that our connection comes through. Unfortunately at the time, I was in the middle of a lot of yardwork, so I didn't realize until almost 7pm that we had no phone, internet or cable in the house. I called Charter on my cellphone and they tried to reset our cable box remotely and couldn't make a connection and realized that a tech was going to have to come out. Fortunately, they had an appt available first thing this morning.

The guy came out this morning, opened up the box at the curb, discovered that the guy from yesterday had disconnected our connection, and labeled our line with the wrong address. He reconnected the box, and then came to check the service. I didn't think, at the time that we should do a speed test, and I totally should have. Previously to this, I was getting 45 mbps download and almost 6 upload on the PC that is hardlined connected to the modem, and 30 mbps download and almost 5 upload on the laptop over the wireless connection.

Note that we pay for 30 mbps which is the fastest you can get through Charter on broadband cable. Currently we are getting 11 mbps download and 4 upload on the hardwired PC, and only 4 mbps download and 3 upload on the wireless laptop. I connected the PC directly to their modem (taking our wireless router out of the loop) and no difference. I connected the laptop directly to their modem to prove to them that it wasn't an issue with my PC (they tried to say that it was), and the speeds were not any better. They made an appt to have someone come tomorrow morning to look at it. I was hoping they would help me to release my IP address since I am pretty sure I have a new one and that can affect the speed as well but they said they couldn't do it.

Since coming home from the Grower's Market, I decided to try one more thing. I moved their modem into another room and connected it to the coax and then connected the laptop directly once again to make sure it wasn't just the line running into the office, and the speeds in the other room are not any better....so it has to be something at the street or the box on the side of the house. I have done all I can do here without a key to open the box on the street. So I am hoping that we can figure something out tomorrow...fingers crossed.

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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Dilation Experience

Still somewhat dilated after 3 hours
Yesterday I went in for an annual eye exam at a new optometrist. Our insurance covers the exam itself, but the renewal of my contact prescription is always extra and it isn't covered. I had been told when making the appt that it would be between 70-110 dollars depending on how extensiive the contact portion of the exam needed to be. I have been wearing contacts for over 20 years and I have had no problems, so I am usually just going through the steps to get a new prescription so I can order contacts through the mail, and I wasn't excited about having to pay at least 70 dollars out of pocket (on top of the costs of contacts and solutions).

This new place was awesome (I'll be writing up a full review for my review blog soon), the staff was super friendly, and the exam was more thorough than any I have ever had before. I think I moved between 4 different rooms while I was there, and the entire exam was 1 hour and 45 mins. I was starting to think that I was going to be paying the $110 for sure, but I was kind of okay with it since I was getting the full meal deal treatment.

Near the end of the exam they did the pressure test (but not with the puff of air, thankfully), and then they dilated my eyes (my first time). What a weird experience that was. I could see everything okay (obviously the far away stuff was blurry, as it normally is when I don't have my contacts in) but once I put my contacts back in, all of a sudden I couldn't see anything that was within an arms length from my face. The doctor even said that it was like instantly having the vision one might have at 75 or 80, in an instant, and that was no joke...I was basically blind to anything close to my face.

They told me the effects of the dilation would last for a few hours. I went up the counter to pay, and much to my delight and surprise, I was only charged 20 bucks!! That is their renewal visit cost, and I think because neither of my prescriptions changed, they felt like that was the best way to go. I was thrilled. Of course, signing the credit card receipt was a lot of fun when I couldn't even see the line on the piece of paper....LOL.

When I got in the car, I had to hold my phone as far from my face as I could reach so I could text my sister the good news on the payment. The weird part was that my distance vision (with the exception of the sensitivity to light) was not affected at all so driving was not a problem. The effects wore off mostly after a few hours, and by this morning, it was all back to normal.

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