Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bum Knee

Skinned knee
I was volunteering at an event this weekend. It was at a local winery in one of the open fields. I was looking around while walking to get a feeling for where everything was before my shift started.

I stepped into one of the few holes in the field that weren't marked and felt my right ankle starting to turn. In order to save my ankle (which I really didn't want to sprain or break), I decided to go down...and down I went. My bag went flying and I think I did a complete roll after slamming my left knee into the ground at initial impact.

I got up pretty much unscathed, other than this little skinned knee, a slightly tender ankle and a completely embarrassed ego. Thankfully I didn't have any food or drink in my hand and nothing in my bag was lost or damaged. A couple of people came to my aid but for the most part, I think that most people didn't even see me go down. I do think I I worked my shift and treated my injuries later in the evening.

Right after my shift, I had a play to go to, so I didn't end up getting any ointment on it until after 11pm and then I went for a 4 mile walk. My knee and ankle were a bit swollen when I got home, but I put a bandaid on the scrape so the bedding wouldn't irritate it and took some naproxen before bed and it all felt a ton better the next day.

I always feel like a little kid when I scrape my knees...

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