Thursday, June 28, 2007


After living here for three years, my town finally improved their recycling program. I have been saving my recycling and taking it to the center myself because the curbside recycling in my town sucked so bad. Now, weeks before I am to leave, they improve it to a level that warrants my participation.

When before, we had to separate everything, and could only recycle a few things at the curb, we can now recycle almost everything, and it can all be jumbled together. We can recycle 7 types of plastic....that is how good it has gotten.

Here is a quote from our town newsletter regarding the new recycling program:

"Since allowing residents to commingle their recyclables, the Village has seen a tremendous increase in the volume of recycling. Total tons recycled increased 42% from March to April. 67.4 tons were diverted from the landfill in April."


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Chicken said...

What the hell did they think was going to happen??!