Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bum Knee

Skinned knee
I was volunteering at an event this weekend. It was at a local winery in one of the open fields. I was looking around while walking to get a feeling for where everything was before my shift started.

I stepped into one of the few holes in the field that weren't marked and felt my right ankle starting to turn. In order to save my ankle (which I really didn't want to sprain or break), I decided to go down...and down I went. My bag went flying and I think I did a complete roll after slamming my left knee into the ground at initial impact.

I got up pretty much unscathed, other than this little skinned knee, a slightly tender ankle and a completely embarrassed ego. Thankfully I didn't have any food or drink in my hand and nothing in my bag was lost or damaged. A couple of people came to my aid but for the most part, I think that most people didn't even see me go down. I do think I I worked my shift and treated my injuries later in the evening.

Right after my shift, I had a play to go to, so I didn't end up getting any ointment on it until after 11pm and then I went for a 4 mile walk. My knee and ankle were a bit swollen when I got home, but I put a bandaid on the scrape so the bedding wouldn't irritate it and took some naproxen before bed and it all felt a ton better the next day.

I always feel like a little kid when I scrape my knees...

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015: Wear Blue

You too can own a shirt
Wear Blue: Run To Remember is a great organization started in Washington State by two military spouses following a deployment of the unit to Afghanistan. One of those spouses lost her husband during that deployment.

The group is now nationwide and helps to bridge the gap between civilian and military communities as well as create a living memorial for those that have given the greatest sacrifice.

This Memorial Day, I was determined to get out and get a few miles in, even if it was a time crunch to do it. The weather was absolutely perfect and while I didn't run (too out of shape right now), it still felt great to get some exercise and support such a great organization as well as show my support for our friends and family members that have given it all in service of our country.

I am back on track to achieving my own fitness goals and this day was a fantastic option to honor myself and the day!

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

2015 PB 5K

Yesterday, I managed to compete in a 5K in one of our local towns. I didn't train for it, even though I should have so I wasn't able to do as well as I would have liked but I did do better than I expected.

The weather was cooler and cloudy and we had heard there were threats of rain. I have to say, we got lucky and it only sprinkled a bit near the end of the race.

I forced myself to run more than I had in ages, and it paid off on my time. Even with the extra weight I have put on this year, I matched my time from last year with no training other than walking a few 5k distances in the last few weeks.

After the race, I changed clothes and volunteered to work for my employer to help relieve some of the other volunteers when they needed it (the race is only one small part of a big festival that my employer is deeply involved with). The rain did come down, but it didn't damper the spirit of the day.

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Monday, April 06, 2015

In Memoriam Grandpa Davis 1921-2015

Golfing with Gpa in Minnesota 10/2014
Today, a light in our family went out. We all lost one of the most special people in our lives and I personally lost one of my favorite humans on this entire planet.

I only got to have him as my grandpa for the last 22+ years, but that never changed how much I loved him and enjoyed spending time with him. He made me feel loved from the very first day we met.

He is the reason I ever gave the game of golf a chance. We were in California for our cousin's graduation and family get together and a lot of the family was heading to the course, and I decided to go. I didn't have any of the equipment and I think I only hit the ball about 25 ft per swing, but I fell in love with it right there. My feet were so sore after the round because I rarely got back in the cart with my short shots...LOL. As soon as we got home, we purchased for me, my first set of clubs and shoes. Years later, I play now with a set that Gpa made for me. Since we used the same size clubs, even over long distances, it was convenient for him to create clubs for me that would fit perfectly. I am so grateful to him for all he has done for us.

Due to distance, I wasn't able to spend as much time with him as I would have liked. I was able to see him at least once a year the last few years and on a couple of years I got even more visits in. During one visit last year for a memorial service, a bunch of us were able to go through pictures and albums with him and hear some of the stories/dramas of his young life in Nebraska. This past year we had 3 visits, the last one in October in Minnesota after his big move from Nebraska. The weather was amazing and we managed to get in three days of golfing in the short 5 days that I was there.

He was always so fun to take out to eat, because you could be guaranteed he would play games with the staff, thoroughly confusing them while giving us all a good chuckle. During my most recent visit, he convinced the manager at the pizza joint we were ordering from, that he wanted a part time job as a delivery boy. They even gave him a little tour while the manager threatened the teenagers working for him that Gpa was going to be their new boss...LOL.

He really did try to live life to the fullest, even when he was not feeling so hot. At times, he would get frustrated on the course because he couldn't hit the ball as far as he used to, and I would tell him that if I was still able to play golf at 93, I would be thrilled. He never let his age stop him. He was definitely an inspiration.

I know that he had a long good life and I am glad that he isn't in any pain or dealing with the frustrations of his progressive conditions, but selfishly, I am going to miss him so much. I really hope that I live up to being half the person that he has been to so many.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Upper Table Rock Hike

These two mesas have always loomed in the distance. They are very distinct fixtures against our landscape to the northeast of my home town.

They are covered in poison oak and are rumored to have lots of rattle snakes on them as well...which is part of why I had never attempted to hike either of them.

Recently, I had seen some great pictures that my uncle took a few years ago during a hike in the spring and I got the urge to see the views for myself.

A few weeks ago, one of my co-workers mentioned that she was going to climb the Upper one (which means it is up river from the other), and I decided to jump on the chance.

This morning we made the trek. And even with my terrible fitness status, I did make it to the top (just had to take a couple of breaks along the way). The view was just as awesome as I imagined. The top itself was covered in green, wild flowers, and baby poison oak...LOL. It was quite beautiful. I am hoping to get to the top of the Lower Table Rock (seen in the distance of this image) before the poison oak gets too big as I am highly allergic to it.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Work Tulips

The beds out front at work always have some cool plants in them...I am not sure if the tulips are left in year around, and some of the other seasonal stuff is just brought in and taken out when it dies, but the tulips are in full bloom now and I was determined to remember to get a shot of them before they disappeared.

I walk past them each day on my way for my break walk and of course, I am in a hurry then and rarely have my camera and then by the time I go back in, I have forgotten about them...but not today. I finished my walk a little early, went straight to my desk and grabbed my camera to get a shot in the morning sun.

Tulips are such a happy flower and always feel like a true sign that spring is on its way.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Poor Baby

Face inside
This is the cute face of Sophie, my cousin's lovable but gigantic mastif. We were having a get together at the house this week and she and her sister Roxy (who is a Sheppard and Collie mix) were relegated to the back yard.

My cousin has a kitty door for their oversized Maine Coon named Samson to come in and out through. This kitty door is located in the wall of the den, with a window above it.

At the time of this shot, I was visiting with my cousin who is in town from Hawaii with his wife and daughter. I could hear some kind of weird noise from behind them and I went to look, and this face is what I saw. She really just wanted to be part of the get together, but as you can see from the shot through the window, she just didn't fit through that kitty door.

Body outside
She is the sweetest dog and I just found the way she was actually sitting on the ground with her face shoved through the hole was just too adorable. I don't know how they are able to discipline her at all with that cute mug.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

Watched this movie last night and loved it!! It was so well done, the cast was amazing and the story was intriguing. Loved the miniatures and animation. It had a bit of a Monty Python feel to it in my opinion, although from what I have read the writer/director wasn't necessarily influenced by Monty Python. In reviewing his work, I find that I have seen quite a few of his movies, but I don't remember any of them being quite like this one.

I highly recommend it to anyone that is an MP fan though, you will enjoy the genre and the humor. I gave it five stars on Netflix.

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