Friday, February 06, 2015

Wind and Power

We are experiencing a windy rain storm. The wind really started blowing last night, and we even lost power for a couple of hours last night, but I wasn't worried about getting up for work because my cell phone is my alarm clock and it was fully charged before I went to bed.

When I woke up in the middle of the night, the fan we have blowing in our room was back on, so I knew that the power was back on.

When I left for work this morning, I noticed that the house across the street lost their purple plum tree to the wind. It is broken in half and laying in their yard. They are renters so I am sure they have to wait for the rental company to figure something out. It will suck next summer because that tree really gave them some great shade from the afternoon sun. I'll try to get a picture of it later and post it on here.

When I got home from work, I noticed that we must have lost power at least one more time while I was gone because the computer was back off and so was the cable box. I unplugged the laptop and Chromebook last night since I didn't have surge protectors for them. The big PC is on a great surge protector so I am not worried about it.

Our recycle bin and yard waste bins were on their sides in the middle of our driveway this morning and the rain was coming down in buckets.

I'll have to get out and check the pool tomorrow to make sure that the water isn't too high and that the timers on the pump and light aren't messed up from the power outage...hopefully the rain will drop off some so I can get some yard work...

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Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Untouchables

via IMDB
I just rewatched this movie today, and it is still one of my all time favorite movies. Love the actors in it and the story and how well it was done. It stands the test of time too because watching it today, it doesn't feel like a movie that came out in the 80's.

This movie is the one that completely won me over to Robert Dinero being one of my favorite actors. He plays Al Capone so well, just how I imagine he might have been in real life.

The train station scene is just done so well...the tension, and timing were so great and right after having two of the main characters killed, it felt good to have the good guys get back some.

I am pretty sure we own this one, I'll have to check our DVD cabinet so I can watch it again soon.


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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Old Comforts

One lovely thing about finally getting all of our stuff and then getting it unpacked is seeing some of the stuff we have had in storage for years, once again.

This cup is one of my souvenir purchases before we left Japan the last time, and it is one of my faves for a big cup of tea or even to use as a soup bowl. It has a small map of the island as well as some map points of some of the major spots on the island. It also has the name of the island and country in kanji on the sides.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ugly Sweater Run 2014

Second year that we have done this one, and it was the second year that it was cool is that. This isn't a timed run so we just do it for exercise and fun which is great in itself.

This year, I managed to find an ugly sweater at the local St Vincent's, so I didn't have to borrow one this year. Once again, it was chilly out so we had to bundle up but we managed to get the race in without rain so no slicker was needed.

I also had just received my shirts from the Wear Blue Run To Remember organization. I wore my long sleeve shirt under my ugly sweater so I would be supporting the org even if it wasn't on the outside.

I didn't run much of this since I hadn't been training in a few months, but I am sure I will be feeling it afterwards anyhow. My time wasn't too bad considering how little I ran. I hope to do a couple other runs in February but I am not sure how much of them will be ran will depend on training time. My cousins and my uncle did the run as well. We all got back in just before the rain started.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How To Search Your Own Timeline On Facebook

I am always clicking on new things in Facebook to find the best ways to use the settings and privacy options as well as how to show or not show things on my Timeline or even my own NewsFeed.

I use the Activity Log a lot to adjust settings for particular posts or to even removed posts from Facebook altogether.

Just the other day, I was in there, and realized that there is a search function that I was no previously aware of. It seems like in the past, trying to find something you might have posted on your own Timeline was a task in torture to try to scroll down to find it without missing it or realizing that Facebook was only showing you the "highlights" instead of all posts so you just wasted part of your life accomplishing nothing.

So after discovering this search function the other day, I thought I might post about how it works so others that want to search their timelines also might use it.

From your Home or NewsFeed page, you click on your own name either in the top right or top left parts of the page (see image below). Note that I am running FB Purity on my Facebook to filter out things I don't want to see so you won't have the FBP icon on yours unless you are running it too.

This should take you to your own Timeline where you will see your profile pic on the left side and your personal cover photo along the top. You then click on Activity Log on the right bottom of the cover photo area (see image below).

Once you click on the Activity Log, you will see a listed page that has some filter options on the left and then the search box at the top right.

If you want to search only posts that you have posted, you can first filter the list by clicking on the Your Posts filter on the left side, and then put in your search terms to the search box before clicking on the magnifying glass icon. If you want to search for something someone else posted on your Timeline, you can filter the list by clicking on the Posts By Others link on the left, and then put in your search terms in the search box before clicking on the magnifying glass icon (see image below).

You can filter the list by Apps, and other things by choosing any of the items on the left column and it will limit where the search is focused. I tend to use the Your Posts and Posts By Others the most.

I am thrilled to see that Facebook has a search function of some type finally...even if it is a little complicated to get to. I hope this helps other users that might be trying to find something they shared or someone else shared with them.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Jingle Bell Hell 2014

I just signed up to do this one for this year. If you remember from my recap last year, I had plans to train and get ready because I had another run the same week to do...and I didn't. Lots of fun.

This time it runs from December 13-21nd. I have another IRL 5K that I am signed up for on the 20st so I will probably tackle this one sometime this week but won't be surprised if I end up doing it the day after the IRL race. Thankfully it is a virtual so I can fit it in where I can.

As soon as the wind dies down here, I plan to get out and get at least two 5K walks in to get just back into the swing of things since I haven't walked or ran 5k since the summer...I am hoping that both of these races will motivate me to get back on the fitness track. I just saw some pictures taken of me this last weekend and I am not happy at all....and there really is no excuse for my current fitness level.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Minnesota 2014

Just got back from a trip to see Gpa at his new digs in Minnesota.

I think I lucked out because we had fabulous weather pretty much the entire time I was there and so over the 6 days, we were able to golf 9 holes on four of them. It was so much fun and being that it was the last week of October, it might have been some of the last golf of the season for both of us.

I was able to see two of our cousins while I was there, one of which, we golfed with and I am hoping that now that Gpa lives closer to them, each time we come out to visit, we'll get to see them as well.

Gpa's new place is cute and he has everything he needs set up pretty well. Being that he only moved 19 days before I came out to visit, we did a lot of errands while I was there to finish out some things that he needed to get done. We worked on getting his paperwork for his driver's license, setting up the bathroom the best way to work for him, and tried out a pizzaria within throwing distance of his apt that turned out to have pretty good pizza. Gpa is doing great adapting to the new surroundings, and will know all the local shortcuts in no time.

We drove by and even parked in the lot at Mall of America but didn't go in so that is on the check list for next visit for sure. I would love to check out some of the other touristy things next time as well as maybe some geocaches.

It was a really great visit, and I am looking forward to getting out there again!

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