Monday, December 05, 2011

Maine Coon Mirror

My mom has this rescue kitty named Delta at her house and she is part Maine Coon, which of course reminds me tons of Chase. She is super sweet, a lot smaller and more delicate than Chase, but definitely has the some of the cutest Maine Coon traits. She has taken to me while I have been here visiting, sitting on the arm of the chair when I am on the computer and giving me her cute little meows when she wants some attention. She has a limit of how many pets you can get in before she gets "over sensitized" and you have to stop.

She is a box and basket kitty just like Chase. Whoever owned her before my mom had her declawed in the front, so she doesn't go outside. She loves to play with string just like Chase, and is easily amused by the any motion of play. One thing that she does that is not like Chase, is she thumps her tail all the time when she is laying I will be typing on the computer and she is beating my arm with her tail while sitting next to me. If I grab onto the end of it to stop her, she meows at me...

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