Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heat Wave

Love this image from make it sound like we need to buy water and batteries. The big red thermometer icon is hilarious too! Supposed to be over 100 starting Sunday until at least Tuesday...

Good thing I got the pool vacuumed and the filter fixed today...should be swimming in it soon!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Driving Some Balls

I finally did it. I put the seats down in the back of the truck and put my golf clubs in there, so I would be motivated to go to the driving range. We live in a neighborhood connected to a small public 9 hole course so there is no reason why I have not hit balls since playing with Gpa in Nebraska last year. I even got a punchcard so I could save some money on buckets of balls.

This last year, I got a new driver from Gpa for my birthday and this was my first time hitting it. I hit one just like it when I was in Nebraska, but I hadn't had a chance to hit the actual one he made for me. No excuse for this except I have had a hard time lately making time for myself that doesn't involve home improvement or computer work. My time management skills need some polishing up, for sure.

I was amazed at how well I hit considering the time off. I just tried to focus on letting the club do the work, keeping my eye on the ball, and keeping my legs bent. I did at least 2 practice swings before each ball was hit, which make the whole process last longer and seems to make my shots better, especially when I haven't hit in a while.

I didn't hit any of the recovery clubs, just the even irons and my two drivers. The new driver has a bit more loft than my old one so that helps get the ball up a bit more. I really cracked it a few times and it was definitely a satisifying feeling to see it really fly.

One side note: there are no bathroom facilities near the range so they have a big port-a-potty set up. I had to use it before I started to hit balls, and I noticed that it had a few spiderwebs in the toilet itself...I opted to do the squat and run version. Good thing too, because when I brought up the fact that the "john" needed servicing, the clubhouse assistant manager said they were aware and that it should be locked because the spiderwebs belong to black widows....nice!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chicken Soup

Some of the ingredients
Realized this afternoon that I probably had all the ingredients I needed to make a decent pot of chicken soup...maybe not a traditional pot of chicken soup but a mosh posh of what was in the fridge, cupboards and herb garden. I had canned chicken soup last night, and I know with this cold, a pot of fresh soup would be awesome.

Of course my version with have a bit of an asian twist. I am adding ginger, lemongrass, and daikon to this soup. That is my twist. I know that ginger is good for you when you are sick so that is what started it.

So without measurements, this is what I have going...

Chicken breast
Black pepper
Rosemary, chives and basil from the herb garden
Organic chicken broth
Baby carrots
Green onion
Yellow onion
Lemongrass, and ginger from the freezer
Whole wheat spiral noodles

I put the rosemary, ginger and lemongrass into a tea strainer so it wouldn't be all over the soup. I haven't added the soft veggies yet since they will overcook, but will add them near the end.

It has been cooking for 1/2 an hour and it smells wonderful. I might not be able to taste it since my tongue got scalded on tea earlier but I am sure my congested sinuses and chest, as well as the rest of my body will enjoy the heat and all the nutrients.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Kleenex Tells All

Okay, when you have blown your nose through an entire box of Kleenex Ultra, you have to admit to yourself that you actually do have the head cold you were trying to fight and the battle has been lost.

Today has been productive to a point, even with the cold but it would be a lot more productive without the cold, that is for sure. Add to this Shark Week, a pool full of algae, and a sprinkler system that is not functioning and you have a glimpse into the craziness I am facing. I would prefer to just hang on the couch catching up on past seasons of Dexter, but that is not to be...

Resorted to using some real Sudafed that I had left over from a precription last year because the clogged ears and sinuses were causing my brain to not function and somehow I thought driving a 3000lb vehicle while my brain wasn't functioning was probably a bad idea...LOL.

First stop was to the post office since I hadn't checked our mail since returning from the wedding trip. Next was the pool supply company to see if they could help me figure out what was going on with the system. Left there to fill up the tank, and then to Home Depot to pick up some Weed and Feed for the front lawn as well as some hostas for select spots in the yard. Stopped at the auto parts store for the glue the pool people told me I needed for the gasket fix I did last week, (which of course I can't use until I get the algae issue under control), and then to the store for another box of Kleenex. Finally loaded up, decided to stop at Taco Hell for a fast lunch.

Now I need to get a move on a few tasks outside and inside that I will post about later on the house blog, and some allocated rest so I can get over this crap and move on to tasks that require more exertion.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cool Clouds

Took this pic after my MIL noticed them while we were driving back from our family get together last week. They looked super cool, but my experience with photographing some things in their natural state, is that they never look as cool as they did when you saw them with the naked eye.

In this case, these ones are pretty darn close. We didn't get any rain from them but they were definitely interesting to see.

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