Friday, December 30, 2011

Lost Inconsistencies

I am rewatching the Lost series on Netflix streaming...and it is kind of cool to watch again when I know the story because you can see some of the foreshadowing that ends up part of the storyline later on, but there are inconsistencies that drive me nuts...

1. They wash their bodies off in the same pool of water that they drink from in the caves. No one would ever do would contaminate their drinking water supply.

2. They never address the fact latrines need to be set up. This would have been addressed in real life almost immediately or it would have become very disgusting and unhealthy very fast.

3. Locke, who has been in a wheelchair for 4 years and never hunted before he started to with his father prior to the kidney transplant, somehow is this all knowing outdoorsman. I guess this can be written off to the "island"...but I still find it irritating.

4. In episode 25 of the first season, they carry Locke onto the flight (before the crash) but don't seem to be very concerned about the fact that he might need to use the bathroom at some point...I know that some people in wheelchairs wear bags for this purpose, and that could be the case here, but the fact that they don't even ask.

I should note that overall, I never did understand what the final episodes of Lost even meant, so perhaps in this rewatching, I will get some clarity in it all...

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