Friday, June 03, 2005


I currently reside in a golf intensive area of the US. Fortunately for me, I enjoy golf. It is not really about the competition or anything (although I do like to hit the ball well if possible), it is about the atmosphere.

As long as I don't have some idiot behind me rushing me along so they can play 36 holes in 2 hours, I really just enjoy being out on the course. It is like taking a very long stroll through a park that you hit a little white ball in once in a while. My favorites are courses that are in urban areas, because it is like a little green oasis that kind of blots out in your mind that you are in the middle of a city. It is so refreshing....

So anyhow, even though I live in this golf intensive area, I have not golfed in a few months. Most of the golfing here is pretty expensive and I just recently received new clubs that J's grandpa made for me. Today was the first time I got to play with them on the course (I have hit them on the range once and in the backyard a bit). They are much nicer than my old beginner clubs and the fact that I know they were made especially for me, makes them all the bit nicer to play with.

So I got out, got some exercise, used some muscles that have been dormant for a while, breathed some fresh air and enjoyed the green lush vegetation. It has been quite rainy here for a few days so it was cool, but a bit muggy and there were lots of bugs out. I still had a great time and can't wait to go again.

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