Thursday, May 19, 2005


Why is it that I feel guilty eating tuna fish in front of my pet fish? Do you think they know?

Everytime I crack a can of tuna these days, I get this weird little voice that says "Don't let the fish see you". I have only had fish for 6 months so this is new to me and they are stationed pretty close to the kitchen. I catch myself turning my back so they can't see what I am doing....I know, I am a crack pot...haha.


cat said...

one of my bride's maids has a pet bird (cockatieel?) and she (the bird) LOVES chicken. go figure. i think that's sort of cannibalistic, no? :)

P'nut said...

My Sis & BIL had a budgie that ate chicken, too!! It always freaked me out!

Mishka said...

When I worked at a fast food restaurant eons ago, we had a customer that would come through drive-thru with a cockatiel that ate fish could hear him squawking through the speaker in anticipation.