Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Treats

A new friend of mine is from Taiwan so when she invited J and I for dim sum brunch this morning...we knew we were in for a treat. I was dying to find a place that had dim sum and we weren't disappointed.

We drove south a bit towards Ginowan City and ate on the 13th floor of the ANA Laguna Garden Hotel. The buffet is all you can for 1800 yen which is a bit different from the dim sum I have had in Seattle and Hong Kong in the past but I wasn't going to complain because that is a great price. We were given some appetizer-like dishes to share amongst those at the table, and then the steam baskets started to come with various dishes inside. There was soba soup, and also a soup of the day (in our case, Egg Drop) along with several pastries, fruits and drinks available to us at tables set up in the area. Jasmine tea was offered at our table and was delicious.

The food and experience was great and I definitely plan to return on another Sunday to enjoy again.

Tonight, I made yakisoba w/beef because I had the makings, it doesn't take too long and it makes great lunch leftovers. I use cabbage, carrots and green onion in mine but I am sure you could add any other kind of fresh veggies you had sitting in the fridge as well. I know mushrooms make a great addition to this dish. I cheat because I buy premade yakisoba sauce at the grocery as well as fresh soba noodles but I am sure you can find a way to make all of this from scratch if you were so inclined....

Anyhow, just thought I would share our fun with food for this day, since we didn't get a lot else done (just some laundry and yardwork...haha).


Chicken said...

How was the Dim Sum different? Reading this made me hungry and it is still 6:59 am here.

Mishka said...

It was pretty good but a bit different than the House of Hong in Seattle. They didn't really do the cart thing.