Saturday, December 30, 2006

Flooring Time

I swear, we weren't in the house more than ten minutes from our trip and J was pulling the quarter round molding off our floors in the kitchen, laundry and pantry in preparation for replacement.

We rented the roller (since this is such a big piece compared to the bathroom we did) today but have it through the holidays. I'll take pics...I know it will look awesome when it is done but the task is going to be quite the undertaking to get right.

There is no break in the linoleum between the kitchen and pantry or between the kitchen and laundry...there is only a small second piece between the dining room and pantry, so that means we are going to be trying to lay, cut, adhere and straighten a piece of linoleum that is 12 ft by 16 ft....should be a lot of fun.

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