Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Turtle Sitting

My friend K is moving soon and while I adopted her fish, I am only fostering her turtle until a better home can be found for him. He is cute but I am just not really a turtle person (now watch, I'll end up with him until we leave and I will have become a turtle person).

From above, while trying to ignore me
From the front but tucked in

Anyhow, I have put the word out that he needs a home and hopefully I can find one for him soon. If not, I'll have to take him over to a friend's while we are in Thailand so he can be fed everyday...haha.

Know anyone that wants a turtle?


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Chicken said...

Has Chase seen this guy? He looks pretty cute!

Gracie's Mommy said...

I went to college with a girl who had turtles she was a TOTAL freak about them. She would take them all the way down to LA to a special turtle doctor. Then one died and I swear she cried in class for two weeks. All she ever talked about were her dang turtles... I hope this doesn't happen to you it was a bit freaky. Although in the pictures they look very cute but I just don't see cuddling up to a turtle like you can a cat or dog.

Haha said...

He is kinda cute - what is his name? I hope you find a good home for him and you might put up a card with the vet - is there a vet you can go to? They love dandelions if you have any sprout up in your yard. Wayne liked turtles, I think they belong in the wild myself.