Sunday, March 28, 2010

Car Crash

Okay, it isn't like I don't have tons to write is just that I keep putting my writing on the back burner because other things jump to the front and need immediate attention. So I guess I will be putting together a few posts and scheduling some of them to be published later this week.

Anyhow, first off, I was in a traffic accident last week. A speeding moped driver tboned my car in the driver's side door while I was on my way to geocache on Sunday. I haven't been in an accident like that before, and it really rattled me. I found myself thinking about it the next two days all the time.

I was only cut up a bit and the moped driver broke his leg. It could have been a million times worse in so many ways so we are both pretty lucky, but it still is an unnerving experience. I was shaking so bad, I couldn't dial my phone when it first happened.

More than likely, the driver's side door will have to be replaced. I have to go through our safety inspection required here every two years, in April so I need to get this fixed as soon as possible.


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Negative of Facebook

While to most of us, it seems like Facebook gives us more opportunity to stay in touch and keep family and friends up to date...I sometimes have to wonder if it is the exact opposite.

Yes, I do check in with Facebook regularly (too regularly probably) and when I do post something new on my main blog, it does feed into my Facebook Notes to update my friends and family there. The problem is that because I feel like I am so connected, I have completely slacked off on any real correspondence, and believe me, I am a corresponder. I don't write emails much, I don't write snail mails much, and I definitely don't make phone calls. I have gotten so used to providing little "bites" of info, that I really feel like I don't have much to say that would be worth spending time writing an email,letter or even a blog post for that matter.

Reality is that I am providing "tidbits" to hundreds of friends on Facebook daily and to those that read my blog when I update it, but nothing really personal and definitely nothing to those that don't use computers, like our grandparents. Due to my need to maintain a bit of anonymonity I have to keep things a bit vague and inpersonal on the web, so that dictates a certain level of correspondence on Facebook and Blogger.

There is no excuse though, for emails, letters and phone calls that I am just not making to those close to me. I need to get back to writing personal, real correspondence to those I love. It has been too long.


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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am wondering why:

- there is a lanyard hole on my tv and dvd remote controls? Does anyone really put a lanyard on their remote? And if they do, do they then wear it around their neck?

- FBI warnings on DVDs are only in English and French? Are we the only people that might illegal copy and distribute movies?

- is the only reason that George Constanza can tell so many lies is because he lives in NYC where he is unlikely to run into the same person twice?

- are George and Jerry the only guys in history that fret about stuff as much as they do, or do all guys do it and we women just don't know about it?

- my DVD player doesn't believe me when I push the open button? Does it think I am joking when I push the button?

- is wondering how anything I want to do can be "prohibited by disc"? Isn't it my disc? Don't I get to say?

Note: this was written while I was on bed rest with vertigo and my only amusement was my Seinfeld DVDs.


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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Tea Ceremony

Tomorrow, I get to go to another tea ceremony but this time, I am wearing my kimono that I wore to a luncheon a few months ago. I am excited that I get to wear it again before I leave here...all those pieces and parts need to be used more than once, right?

I have another kimono that I recently acquired at a luncheon auction, and I need to find the pieces and parts for it as well since it is less formal than the one I have all the parts for, so it requires its own set. I will need new cords, new undergarments, a new obi, and new shoes...but then I can wear those things with any other "non-formal" kimono I get.

I hoping that there will be people in Hawaii that can help me wear it once in a while. I know there is an Okinawan community there...perhaps, they will let me bug them every so often.

We'll see. Anyhow, climbing through the little door in kimono should be interesting...I'll let you know how it goes...


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