Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bushy Eyebrows, Hello!!!

I was looking for a picture for my mom yesterday and this caused me to go through some of my picture albums. I happened to look at the one from my sister's wedding a few years back and holy cow, did I have some bushy eyebrows.

I didn't pluck my eyebrows in those days because everyone my entire life had always told me that I had naturally great eyebrows....well, they are great I guess as far as the shape goes but at that point, they were completely out of control in width....LOL. It is amazing how much better I look when I take the tweezers to my brow just a bit....nothing crazy, I don't want to have to draw them on or anything but some maintenance is definitely called for these days.


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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Toothbrush Post

Okay, my new adult toothbrush is different from my old one. It is a Colgate Navigator Soft Full head brush and it is great. Gets in all the tight spots but doesn't feel like it is brushing my gums away. I highly recommend it, especially for my friends that have the "brushing too hard" problem like I do.

I think I am done with toothbrush posts now...but you never know, I might come up with something else tomorrow....

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Toothbrushes

I bought two new toothbrushes today (one adult for morning brushing and one kid one for night brushing*). I had a cold a while back and it has been a few months so I thought I was due for new ones. I guess you are supposed to change them pretty frequently so my new Cookie Monster one is sitting there waiting for me to use it tonight.

* My hygenist mentioned that I should brush at night with a child's brush because my mouth is small and it will get to my wisdom teeth better...and it is hard to hold the handle so I tend to brush lighter at night....which is good so I don't brush my gums away completely with my vigorous brushing.


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Monday, October 27, 2008


Singing has always been a huge part of my life. I don't usually do it in front of anyone but family except on rare occasions when I am convinced to sing at karaoke. I have been singing for as long as I can remember to all the albums my parents owned. I grew up singing to the Beatles, Linda Ronstadt, and Carole King just to name a few. Music was always a big part of our lives and the spectrum of things that my family sang to was wide. Yes, you read right, we used to sing together all the time. We had harmonies to some of the songs and others we just sang whatever we wanted.

I haven't been singing or even listening to music as much as I used do (minus the radio in the car and my headphones when I am working out). I need to start playing music more when I am on the computer or doing things around the house. It is one of the big memory activators for me and can take me back in time in just an instant.

Tonight, I was watching a movie and this song came on that I liked. I looked it up on Google and then Itunes and found it. I downloaded it along with a couple of others that I hadn't gotten around to purchasing. One of them is the song by Jason Marz (I know pop is bad). I love the stylizing of this song and the way he moves his voice through it and I have been meaning to look up the lyrics for it. Well, tonight I did, and I sang through it at least twice while it was playing on Itunes. It was great and got me in the mood, so I started moving though my library and trying out some of my old favorites. I found a great lyrics site (one that doesn't have malware thank goodness) and I bookmarked it so I can get to some of other favorites.

I didn't get all that I wanted checked of the list tonight but the half an hour I took to just sit here and sing was fabulous....


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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Decor

Here are some pics of my Halloween/Fall decor other than my pumpkin. I still have black and orange streamers hanging from my front door but I will be taking them down after Halloween.

I obtained some of this stuff before we left the States this time but then I found a few new items (like the orange pashminas) around town. I also have a scary lit door knocker on the front door. It doesn't make sound but it lights up pretty cool.

I haven't been back to see if I can get another pumpkin but I think I will try for some neat squash for fall decor after the Halloween stuff is put away.


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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Toe Work

I had my toes painted by a professional for the first time in my life the other day. My friends here are hooked on getting pedicure/massage/toenail art but I have just never done it. I have never had a pedicure (other than what I do to myself when I maintain my toes). Part of it was the money but part of it was that I just usually didn't have time to sit for that long at a salon.

Well the other day, I went with my girlfriends to try out a place that is new to our neighborhood. It is called Salon Feliz and they are in the Yomitan area near the red bridge on the Mizugama road. I decided to just do the toe nail art which meant that they would remove my old polish, file my toes a bit, cut them in necessary (which they didn't because I keep my toenails very short), and then soak them for about 1/2 hour. After that, they clean them off and start painting. I decided to go with a white foundation with some pretty blue flowers on them since it is still warm here and I am still wearing sandals a lot.

I am so thrilled with how they came out. One of my friends commented that it looked like the blue and white china, and that is exactly what I looks so nice. To just do what I did was 2100 yen (about 21 dollars US). They take yen and credit cards (but there is a 5% charge for using credit card). I think they take dollars too but the exchange rate is not that good so you are better off with yen.

Oh, and I almost forgot. They gave us food the whole time we were in there. We got this puff with icecream and drizzle on it, along with the choice of drink (I went with iced coffee), and some fruit. Later on, the brought us some more little cookies and was a great experience.

I am looking forward to my next trip there...maybe J can get a massage while I do some toes...haha.


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Friday, October 24, 2008

Live Your Life

★Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is the ultimate anti-depressant.
★Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. Buy a lock if you have to.
★Get more sleep.
★When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement, 'My purpose is to______ today'.
★Live with the 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy.
★Play more games and read more books than you did in 2007.
★Spend time with people over the age of 70 and under the age of 6.
★Dream more while you are awake.
★Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants.
★Try to make at least three people smile each day.
★Clear clutter from your house, your car, your desk and let new and flowing energy into your life.
★Don't waste your precious energy on gossip, energy vampires, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.
★Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn.
★Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out charge card.
★Life isn't fair, but it's still good.
★Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.
★Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
★You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree..
★Make peace with your past so it won't spoil the present.
★Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
★No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
★Frame every so-called disaster with these words: 'In five years, will this matter?
★Forgive everyone for everything.
★What other people think of you is none of your business.
★Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch.
★Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.
★Each night before you go to bed complete the following statements: I am thankful for_____. Today I accomplished_____.
★Remember that you are too blessed to be stressed.
★Enjoy the ride. You only have one ride through life so make the most of it and enjoy the ride.

Author Unknown


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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

AWWA Donation Site Tour and Thankful Thursday

This past Monday I was invited to go along on a tour of two of the facilities that funds from the gifts store help to support. Since I have been spending a fair amount of time at one of the gift stores volunteering, I was excited to get the invite.

The first place we visited was in Naha and located in an renovated firehouse. It is a day facility for mentally and physically disabled children and adults. They have about 70 clients overall, some are school-aged kids that come after school, some are adults that come all day, and some are school-aged kids that can't go to regular schools because of their disabilities.

We met some of the clients that were there while we were touring and it was such a great experience. One of the boys, pictured here, is a great artist and a very happy person. He approached each of us with his shark pictures and smiled and told us that the little stick figure in the picture was us and the shark was going to get us. He had an alligator shapped out of newspaper that he would grab our arms with and growl and we would pretend we were scared and that the alligator was "getting" us.

There were some clients there that were working on handicrafts that the center sells at tourist shops to make money for the center to function. Our organization had given them some money a few years ago to do the major renovation from firehouse to the current facility as well as money for vehicles to transport the clients that needed it from home and school. This was the first tour of the facility since the construction was completed.

The second place we went to was similar to a hospital. It was a rehab facility for the economically challenged. We met many people there that were recovering from strokes or other ailments that reduce their mobility. Some of the exercise equipment was purchased from funds our organization provided. We were entertained for a portion of the visit with music in the musical therapy room. Everyone was singing or playing an instrument and it was a really fun experience.

Overall, I had a great time, and it really gave me some perspective. Sometimes I let the small petty BS get in the way of the big things and weigh me down. No matter what is going on in my life, I have my health, friends and family that love me, a roof over my head and food in my belly, so I really don't have much to complain or worry about. I was really thankful to get this opportunity for perspective and I am looking forward to the next site tour we can go on.


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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pottery Finds

My recent Okinawa Pottery findsThis past weekend, I went to a pottery sale at the Gala. It was a nice sale. We went on both Saturday and Sunday because sometimes Sunday is a good day to get some discounts.

Okinawan pottery is like art....most of the pieces are very unique and not all are practical. I try to be practical in my purchasing so that I don't feel like I am just getting something to look at. Usually I get something that is beautiful but also quite useful.

In the past, I have gotten some blue and brown ocha cups, a beautiful blue and tan sushi plate, a blue and brown flask, several small cups with the Okinawa fish design on them and some bowls with the same fish design on them. I tend to buy my pieces when they are on sale as Okinawa pottery can be very expensive.

This time, I found a beautiful sushi plate in blue and brown on Saturday. It was already discounted so I just bought it, figuring it would be gone on Sunday and it was the only one they had. It is about 14 inches long and about 5 inches wide and it will work beautifully with my other Okinawan pottery.

On Sunday, when we went back, I picked up some fish shaped blue and brown chopstick holders for 100 yen a piece, and small bowl with a holder for cut flowers, a second holder for cut flowers that I can put in another bowl I already own, and several Shishi dog plaques I plan to use a Christmas gifts this year. Overall, I think I did okay (got some good deals and didn't break the bank). I am hoping to find a few more cool things at the other sales that will be coming in the next few months....


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Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Halloween Pumpkin

This is my first pumpkin of the year...I must like the skeletons because looks back seem to produce many pictures of similar pumpkins from previous years.

I hope to get some more pumpkins later in the year but I don't know if I will or not...we'll see.


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kanda's Grabs

An Okinawan fixture is closing its doors permanently this winter. I am bummed because I didn't even know about it last time we were here and I have only had a small chance to get some of the art they offer.

I have posted twice before here and here about the purchases I have made. I hadn't gotten a chance to post a picture of one of the pieces I had purchased so I thought I would post about my newest additions.

We had a coffee recently at the gallery and I put several Kaneko's on old. He is not my favorite artist but I knew that I would miss not having a few of his prints after we left here and there would be no way to get them. I picked out a few that I thought would go nicely together and that grabbed me. Then lastly I asked the gallery staff if they could locate one of his lantern prints because I really wanted one of those but just hadn't gotten one before they were all gone.

They were able to locate one for me and it turnes out that it is an artist's proof too and number 5 of 15 cool is that.

I don't feel too bad buying art that I know is worth something because the economy is so bad and these pieces are an investment that I don't have to worry about. I am so excited to have them all.

I have the Norikanes all hanging in my house but the Kanekos will probably have to wait until we are back in the States...I just don't have the space for them and the way our walls are set up here, hanging them in a group would be very difficult...

Below I have posted the Kaneko's I recently have purchased. The lanterns I just got a few days ago.


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...Absolutely Beautiful

Hosting Bunco

I am hosting bunco at my house on Wednesday night. I am doing a Halloween/Fall theme, requiring dress up and all the gifts are Halloween/Fall themed as well.

I have a ton to do (not really but for me I always have a ton to do) before I will be ready to host 11 other women in my house for dinner and fun....haha.

So today, I ran around like a woman with her head cut off to get most of the running around stuff done so I could concentrate on things here at the house (with the exception of needing to run out for ice tomorrow).

Here is how it went:

★ Woke up at 6:45am without my alarm because I was thinking about all the stuff I had to do.
★ Got on the computer for a bit to wack out some of those daily tasks.
★ Ate breakfast, showered, changed and headed out the door at 9:30am.
★ Hit the post office to mail invites to a Baby Shower I am co-hosting on Friday, and 6 packages to friends and family in the States.
★ Went to the little store at the top of the hill to see about some additional Halloween decor (found a spooky door knocker).
★ Went to a gift shop to see if they had anything else I could get for bunco (since I still needed to find two more of the prizes).
★ Went back to the PO to see if my second package from my sister came in (it didn't but might have come on the afternoon truck, I think they were backed up from the holiday weekend for both the US and the Japanese yesterday).
★ Went home to drop off the candy I had gotten with the knocker at the top of the hill store so it wouldn't melt in my car with all the running around I was going to be doing.
★ Drove across town to another gift store where I ran into a friend and a lot of my errands were completed. I found both gifts for Bunco I needed, two birthday gifts, a baby shower gift and a bit more decor for the house all in one place.
★ Left there for another store for some odds and ends for grab bags I am making up for my guests.
★ Got a bit to eat at a local spot
★ Went to the grocery store for all the bunco food and some necessities we were out of. Found ONE pumpkin that cost me 12 dollars.
★ Stopped at a Do It Yourself Store on the way back to check out their 100 yen options, get a tatami table, 4 pads, some fish for my tank and some plants for the pots outside.
★ Stopped at Starbucks to get the last part of the best costume prize.
★ Came home, unpacked car and put away frozen/refrigerated items.
★ Got on computer to see if I had any messages.

Now I have to carve a pumpkin, finish yardwork to include planting all the plants I got today, eat dinner, put the fish in the tank, make labels for the gifts, clean off the deck just in case the weather cooperates and we can have one table outside, make two pumpkin pies, vacuum the house, put the grab bags together, get ice, check the mail again, and any number of other details before my guests arrive at 6pm tomorrow. Oh, and I still have to figure out what I am planning on wearing as my own costume......LOL.

I am actually not stressed at that the shopping is done, the rest is easy...I am so looking forward to this should be a lot of fun.


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Monday, October 13, 2008


Wow, it was a blast...about 12 bands, some hard rock and some not so hard, all coming together on one fabulous night at the beach.

Some of my friends were there, it was within walking distance of my house and we had a ton of fun. The food could have been a bit better. The festival food was a bit overpriced and the bratwursts were a bit small but we still had full stomachs, so no real complaints there.

There were some interesting acts, I have to say. An all girl band called Bleach had this amazing girl on bass that was moving like she was possessed. I was amazed that she could keep playing with all the jumping, whipping and thrashing around she was doing.

There was a band from Tokyo that came to play called Electic Eel Shock that was awesome. Their drummer played with 4 sticks at once rather than just two. They climbed all over the stage, speakers and scaffolding. The final band (who's name I can't spell) had 7 pieces....there was a full orchestral bass in it along with two sets of electric and one not. I took some video so I might try to post some YouTube, we'll have to see. Overall it was a pretty cool evening.


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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Yesterday the weather finally cooperated with me (no rain in the afternoon) and I was able to get out to the front flower bed and hack away 1/2 of the work it needs. As it was getting dark, I came across a hill of some sort (probably ants) but I couldn't see so I went in the house, brought out the Raid and just hosed it down....we have a serious red ant issue in this bed so I don't feel a bit guilty about killing them.

Anyhow I ended up with two full yard bags of leaves and weeds along with a huge pile of bamboo sitting in my garage.

This afternoon, I thought I was going to be able to tackle the second half of the bed. I went out and got started by cutting the bamboo down to managable sizes and bagging it up before it dried up and started blowing all over my open garage. Then I moved to the back sidewalk where I had done some drive-by pruning the day before. I managed to get all that bagged up before the big dark thunderclouds rolled more yardwork today.


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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hamburger Steak

We have an entire restaurant for different varieties of hamburger steak. It wasn't a bad meal by any means. The food was good and interesting...this one pictured is the cheeseburger steak set.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Beautiful Day

Today is a gorgeous day...humidity is low, sun is out, breeze is among us...I have the AC off and the windows open for the first time in months. I love being able to hear the breeze in the trees and the knocking of my windchimes in the backyard.

We had a mini typhoon last night...nothing on the radar but it was blowing pretty good and I guess it must have just blown all the weather some place new. I am enjoying it as much as I can considering today is my first day without any appointments that I can get some stuff around here accomplished.

I am hoping to get some yardwork done this afternoon when the sun gets lower...but I should be at the beach or the pool...tomorrow is open too so perhaps the weather will hang around for me to enjoy a bit longer.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Chatty's Meme

My eye color:

Favorite car:
Environmentally - Prius,  Ideally - Lamborghini Quattrovalve

Right-handed or left-handed:

Shoes you wore today:
Black Chacos

My fears:
Losing my loved ones

Goal you would like to achieve this year:
Finish the stuff I’m working on and get fitter

Thoughts first waking up:
Food or exercise...hmmm?

My bedtime:

Pepsi or Coke:
Neither these days...

Single or Group Dates:
Married, so it doesn't really matter...both I guess

Chocolate or Vanilla:

Do you smoke:
Ugh, no

Do you sing:

Have you been in love:

Do you want to get married:
Already am, going on 17 years

Do you get along with your parents:

Do you play a musical instrument:
I play the flute and plink on the piano. I am trying to learn the guitar.

In the past month have you smoked:

Favorite candy bar:

In the past month have you gone on a date:
Only with J

All-time favorite sports team:
Chicago Bears

Ideal girfriend/boyfriend:
The one that ended up as my husband

My best friend(s):
The ones that accept me as I am, respect me and accept both the bright and dark side of me.

Do you believe in love at first sight:

Favorite clothing brand:
Columbia and Cherokee

Dream vacation:
Don't have one

My favorite singer:
Too many favorites to list

My favorite movie:
Way too many to list...

Have you ever fired a gun:
Of course

Do you like yourself:
Pretty much

I am addicted to:
Too many to list

Favorite drink:
Water or Iced Tea

Are you ticklish:

Favorite ice cream flavor:
Mint chip

Define yourself in 3 words:
Softhearted, organized, athletic

Do you believe in God:

Favorite day of the week:
Don't have one

Heads or tails:
Does it matter?

Favorite author:
Stephen King

What magazines do you read:
Fitness, Nat Geo, Golf Digest
Favorite chewing gum brand:
Big Red and Wrigley's Peppermint

My hair color:
Reddish brown


My heritage:
Native American, English, French

My weakness:
Procrastination lately

My perfect pizza:

My best physical feature:
Hair, feet, skin

Do you get motion sickness:

McDonalds or Burger King:
Neither, we don't do fast food if we can help it

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:
Lipton if Grandma is making it, Japanese green tea otherwise

Cappuccino or Coffee:
Mocha or Chai Latte

Do you swear:

Do you want to go to college:
Been there, done that...two degrees and a certification

Do you think you’re attractive:
Sometimes, I think I am that the same?

Do you like thunderstorms:

In the past month have you drunk alcohol:

In the past month have you been on drugs:
Only over the counter ones...

Favorite cartoon as a child:
Looney Tunes and Charlie Brown

Favorite sport:
Playing; soccer and golf; Watching, football, soccer, golf, Nascar

In the past month have I been on stage:

Ever been beaten up:

How do you want to die:
Who knows...right now I don't want to

Number of piercings:

Favorite color:
Any earth tones, but greens mostly

Favorite food:
Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian

My parents are:
In the States

Do you have children:

Do you have pets:
Yes, cat and fish

My favorite music genre:
I like a little bit of everything...not fond of gangster rap but mostly because of what it stands for, not because the music is bad.

My favorite season:
All of them for different reasons

Silver or Gold:

Who was the last person that called you:
A friend we went to the festival tonight with

Are you a good driver:
Yep, I am a great driver

Would you rather be rich or famous:

When I’m sad or down:
I exercise

What is your phone’s current ringtone:
Some 70's sounding default one from Softbank.

The longest you’ve gone without sleeping:
3 days

What would you do with a million dollars:
Pay off my house, get another in the mountains or near the beach, invest some for retirement and buy stuff for my friends and family

What makes you laugh:
Too many to list

Your favorite book:
Too many to list

Most embarrassing moment:
I can't think of one

Favorite item that you currently own:
My Norikane prints

Have you ever moved:

Kisses or hugs:

Are you a very emotional person:
Yes but not around other people most times.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Outdoor Kitty

It has been two days since we finished all aspects of Kitty Land...and Chase has spent the last two nights out there with no issues...she has even used the outdoor sandbox as planned....

Here are a couple of pics of the things we added to the backyard to make it so she couldn't get out. As you can see, we already have pretty tall walls...we just needed to "gate" off the one big opening and then add some height to another far it seems to be working great.

She enjoys being out there and I am loving having a litter box free house for the first time in 8 years!!!! When we lived in WA, the litter box was in the garage which was tolerable but for the last 8 years, we have had to have it somewhere in the house and now I don't.

As you can see, I had to move my plants to the island to keep her from chopping on them.

It is great!!!


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