Friday, July 11, 2008


There is little that irritates me more than idiots that travel half way around the world and then do nothing but bitch about why it not just like home.....I say STAY HOME, if you want it to be just like home....jackasses!

These English folks today practically yelled at their Thai waitress because she didn't understand that they wanted English style hot tea.....duh, you are Thailand dipshits, if you want English tea, bring it with you or go home.


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kilgorsky said...


I'd never yell at a waitress. You can always explain to her what was wrong with your food.

Plus, my friend, who is a waiter, tells me that if you yell at a waiter/waitress you'd better leave the restaurant. If you don't, weird things will find their way into your plate, and you won't even know about it.

Chicken said...

How rude!!!

Haha said...

So sad that rude people like that have the money to travel - they should have to stay home!

Get some manners people!