Thursday, April 13, 2017

Earth Day and Science March

April 22nd is Earth Day this year. Scientists and science enthusiasts around the planet are planning to march in support of science and the smart people that know its worth and provide it to all of us. Earth Day is a perfect day for this because here in the US, we have a climate of politics that is trying to convince the world that science is not important in order to take funding away from things like climate change research, regulations for our protected lands and animals, and laws that keeps us safe and healthy. This is all in the name of the dollar and nothing else.

If you care at all about your health, the planet and the generations behind you, you need to realize that without science, our planet would be a wasteland and our species would already be extinct. We need science if we have any hope of surviving the changes that are coming to our planet due to our own negligence and greed.

Please go to this site and find a march near you and join in the effort to keep science funded and ultimately keep our planet and ourselves healthy.

Nine Years Ago on In My Words...Seventh Generation (and I still use this brand faithfully)