Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heading To Heat

So this hotel has a great, I mean on par with the one we owned in NC, hot tub outside near the pool. I soaked in it for a while last night and am heading to it in a few mins to warm up tonight as well. The jets are fabulous...super strong and really helped last night after spending most of the day sitting or traveling. Today I got a workout in at the end of the day but really sat most of the day due to the conference and I know it will feel great.

On the plane on the way here, they gave out complimentary Widmer beer...and a snack bag of mixed nuts and pretzels...I was starting to think that airlines didn't do anything for customers anymore but apparently some still do.

When we registered yesterday, we got a few small swag items. I think the blue thing is a travel blanket for the plane or to leave in your car...will come in handy I am sure!!

So far the conference has been interesting and informative. Tomorrow we get to go over to the Google Campus and see some of the other staffers that we work with virtually. It should be awesome!!

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