Thursday, April 14, 2011

Templates and Fonts

I really am enjoying the number of options that Blogger has started to offer its users in templates and now in fonts too. As you can see, I have adjusted the font and template to something different for each of my blogs (even for those you can't see or don't know are mine).

Recently I updated my mom's blog which had an old header I created on it and simpler templates into something that I think reflects her much better. It is more about the writer than it is about decorating it up like it is a Myspace page.

These new templates have inspired me to write more frequently on all of my blogs and that is always a good thing!!

Check them out sometime if you are on a Blogger blog yourself!!


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Dig said...

Those new fonts Rock!

singer7 said...

Yeah, Blogspot is really changing up some things! I like it!