Friday, July 29, 2005

Work Wasted

Right now I am so mad I can barely type.

This is the easement how it looked this morning after the wash out. All the leaves and sand are supposed to be in that ditch that the rain made.This is what the easement in front of my house and my driveway looked like this morning after a completely awesome (house rattling awesome) lightening and thunder storm (that included way too much rain) last night at 1am. I was awake for it because it was so awesome and I could see during the lightening that it was going to be a mess this morning but I had no idea that most of our easement would be in the street.

So I got out nice and early (thankfully it was only super humid today and not super hot as well) and proceeded to work my ass off for 3-4 hours fixing the mess and cleaning our gutters out. Fixing the mess entailed, raking the vegetation all to one area to use later, shoveling all the sand out of the road and back to the easement and then covering the sand after spreading it, with the vegetation. I also managed to save a large amount of our driveway gravel that had been washed into the road, and replaced that as I came across it.

After completing that, I moved onto the gutters that I saw were overflowing last night during the storm. That entailed getting a step ladder out, so I could bring down the attic ladder so I could get to the extension ladder that we keep in the attic (don't ask, it is a discussion we don't even want to go into). Once I got the extension ladder down from the attic (which is a death defying trick in itself), I proceeded to repeatedly put it up against the gutter along the house, climb it, clean the gutter I could reach, climb back down, and then move it along. I was doing it this way because getting on my roof when it is wet from torrential rains will kill you.

This is after I did the work. The sandy spots in the road were just what was left after I shoveled most of it back into the ditch and covered it up.All of this (there was some sweeping involved too) took, like I said, about 3-4 hours. I was pleased with myself and my industriousness and went inside to take a shower and eat lunch.

It is now just after 6pm my time, and it has been torrentially raining for 45 minutes and all the work I did on the easement and driveway was for nothing. It is back the way it was this morning if not worse....I am so pissed I could spit nails. Of course it is also lightening and thundering so I can not even start to work on it without a chance of electrocution.

You can bet I will be out there first thing in the morning cleaning it up again (even though it is supposed to continue this weather through the weekend) but I will be diverting my plan a bit. This stupid town we live in, does not have storm drains but I plan to put a ditch into city property tomorrow regardless. The only thing I am hoping, is that the construction crew does not work Saturdays or they will be watching me fix it all over again, laughing to themselves I am sure.


J.a.G. said...

But on the other hand think of the muscles!

Mishka said...

Yeah, I was thinking of that while I was doing it too...wondering if my back was going to kill me and if my butt would hurt from going up and down that ladder so many times...haha.

Ian said...

Exactly, muscles. You'll be the Russell Crowe of the blog world :)

Mishka said...

I wish...if I could just get myself to the gym once in a while...I am too into the outdoor training I guess.