Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Carpet Freshener

I don't know if I am the last person on the planet to know this but I thought if I wasn't, then I should pass it on...so here goes.

We have a relatively new vacuum cleaner (6 months) that I absolutely love. This is my first new vacuum in 12 years so I was very particular when I picked it out figuring I would have it for 12 years as well.

Anyhow, it has 3 different filters on it, one of them being a HEPA filter. We chose this because my husband has developed airborne allergies in the last couple of years and thought it might cut down on dust and dander issues.

I do not know if this information will only be pertinent to vacuums with HEPA filters on them, or just any of the new vacuums out there but I have discovered that powdered carpet freshener is bad for my vacuum. It seems to clog the filters and then the vacuum overheats trying to suck air in through the clogs. We have had it overheat and shut off on us twice recently right after treating our cats room with the carpet freshener.

So I just thought I would share that in case anyone else has had problems of unknown origin with their vacuums. As much as I like those fresheners....I can't use them anymore. My poor vacuum just can't take it, and I can't spend the thousands of dollars it takes to replace all those filters every time I vacuum.


HA HA said...

My suggestion, as I love those carpet freshners also, would be to use Febreeze or generic on your carpet. I use it on just about everything and now I am using it on my husband's back brace (broke his back from falling off a 7 ft ladder) and it really freshens it up. Try it and let me know if it works for you.

Ha Ha

Mishka said...

I thought about doing that, and then I could spray it on the curtains in the cat's room too. That is the only room that really needs it since it doesn't stay as cool as the rest of the house and unfortunately has one of those litter box things in there...

ha ha said...

Checked out the Febreeze at the grocery store yesterday and they have a new type out that fights allergens, so that may be the ticket for you!