Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bluebird Tragedy

Picture of the eggs I took after they were first laid in mid-June
Well folks, it looks like the eggs are not going to hatch. It has been 5 weeks now, and no chicks. Thing that really made me worry this week is the fact that the parents are not to be found.

According to the website I turned to yesterday for answers, they will often spend a lot of time hoping that a clutch will hatch (rather than giving up and moving on to the next clutch) and I think that might be what happened here. More than likely, the extremely warm weather we have been experiencing was too much for them. I am so disappointed, I really wanted to see these ones take off. I guess the later summer clutches don't hatch as easily as the spring ones do...

Looking at the area schedule, their third hatching is supposed to be in August, so perhaps if I get the nest cleaned out today, they will start a new nest this season and lay some eggs for August...we'll have to see I guess.

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