Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Roses, Roses For Sale

Roses that J bought me for our anniversary
My husband bought me a dozen beautiful roses for our anniversary and when I was putting away the receipt, I found that they were only $ is that possible? Doesn't it cost over 30 bucks for roses if you buy them from a flower shop?

I asked him about it and he said he too was surprised how inexpensive they were (he got them at a local fresh market), but figured that they must be from local growers and that perhaps explains it.

All I know is that if that is all they cost, I am going to start putting roses in my house each week instead of the carnations that I have been paying over 8 bucks for....why not? The smell alone of roses is worth it.


TerraT said...

This is why I refuse to buy flowers from florists. what ripoffs.

oh. hehe. I'm kinda cheap.

Mishka said...

Normally I don't get flowers either unless I can find them cheap too. That is why I do carnations mostly because they last for a few weeks.