Monday, July 04, 2005

Fourth of July

This has been a long weekend for us and we have tried to make the most of it.

On Saturday, we had some friends over (some we have seen recently, and some we have not) for a little cookout, some drinks and some Nascar (ha ha...don't ask me why I like it but I do). It was a great time and I am pretty sure that everyone had fun...

Sunday, J and I went to play golf in the afternoon since we had a cheap coupon for this course that is not too far from our house. He had played there once before but it was new to me. I played horrible on the front nine, but did improve on the second half. Part of that is due to the fact that my swing is finally starting to stabilize and I can consistently hit the balls these days. My drives are decent too but I would like for them to go farther (who wouldn't, huh?).

Anyhow, today, we decided to go play there again in the afternoon as we had the coupon for the entire weekend. We both played better the second time, in fact I ended up only 3 shots back from J's score....that is unusual for me. We finished up around 6pm, and headed home for showers and food.

Finally around 8pm we headed out to a local town that was having a 4th of July celebration with fireworks. We got there about 20 minutes before the fireworks were going to start and about 10 minutes before the deluge of rain started. Anyhow, we knew the rain was coming when we got there so we had scoped out an alternative option. As soon as we felt the first drops, we picked up our chairs and headed for this little pavilion nearby that we would still be able to see the fireworks from. We got to it very quickly and it started to seriously dump, along with some lightening and thunder thrown in for good measure. Fortunately for us, we got there fast enough that we were able to set up our chairs near the edge so we could see, because within seconds there were at least 100 other people under the roof with us.

The fireworks started and it was a pretty good show by all standards, but a really great show for how small of a town we were in. We were impressed. They were letting them off very close to us, so they were very loud and beautiful. The show lasted for some time, and so did the rain. After it ended, the rain slowed and we made it to our car without too much wetness.

Overall, we had as good of a 4th that could be expected without having any family close by. We hope this finds everyone else enjoying a safe and happy 4th of July as well.


Chicken said...

I wish we could have spent the 4th together. Maybe next year.

Joanne said...

Sounds very cool. When I used to live in small town Arizona as a child, we'd go every year. I was more impressed with what small town could do than when I went and saw Seattle's last year.

Mishka said...

While Seattle's is extravagant, the crowd and traffic makes it almost impossible to enjoy close up.

Most of what I have experienced in life has been small town, with the exception of several years when we went to Portland for the 4th.

Mind Sprite said...

We couldn't deal with the crowds at the Blues Festival in Portland, so we ended up taking off in the car when the big show started at Fort Vancouver and watched through a break in the trees on a road while listening to the music broadcast on the radio. No crowds, no fuss!