Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kick Ass Lightening

We are having a bit of a storm today...something about a girl named Cindy I guess. Anyhow, the lightening has been awesome...I saw one tonight near an airfield that I swear was from cloud to ground. Too bad I didn't have a camera.

I have always been a storm fanatic, even when I was little. My dad used to get my sister and I up to watch the storms in our hometown (which are primarily dry lightening storms) and I think the fact that he never tried to scare us with them, just encouraged our awe of them, makes me the storm lover I am today.

This little storm actually caused us to stop playing soccer tonight. We had a few that were far away and then a close one and that was all she wrote...everyone headed for their cars.

Thing is that after leaving the field, I headed towards the storm because I wanted to watch it...I think in another life, I would have chosen to be a storm chaser (although I am sure it is not as fun as the movies make it look). That is when I got to see the almost full strike.

Thing is that right after that bolt, I was passed by a fire truck with lights and sirens going...hope no one got hurt.


Joanne said...

Mishka, did you grow up in Arizona? :) We used to get the most amazing lightning storms when I was little there. Sometimes just because it was so dry. I like thunder and lightning storms too, there is something powerful, yet magical, about them.

Mishka said...

No, I grew up in Southern Oregon. We have hot dry summers there filled with dry is awesome as long as it is not burning the forest down...

Ian said...

I remember driving through the Mohave Desert in the middle of a lightning storm, and the lightning striking the grouns at the side of the road, sending sparks up. It was cool! Um, and a little scary!