Friday, July 29, 2005

Passing In The Night

I think I saw J for a total of 20 minutes in the last two days. He is just working crazy hours and it seems when he is home, I am at soccer for some reason...hmmmm.

It won't last, it is a temporary thing, but it is still frustrating because he is the only one I have to spill all my exciting daily happenings to (they aren't really that exciting but he knows that I like to fill him in on what happened, what I did and didn't do and what I think about all of it).

I have always been that way, and I am just lucky that I found someone that can tolerate it. I remember when I was a kid, I would jump my parents the second they came in the door to tell them all the stuff that had occured during the day. Many times I was told to wait until they got their coats off, and settled in before blasting them with endless chatter....yep, I was and probably would still be considered a chatterbox.

The only thing I can say is that I think I have gotten better at it and my stories are put together better and hopefully more interesting than when I was younger and I am sure half the story was filled with me saying "uhmmmm" so that I could keep my audience while figuring out what I wanted to say next...

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