Sunday, July 31, 2005

Oregon anti-meth law would require prescriptions - Yahoo! News

What idiot thought this one up?

For Oregon to make Sudafed, Nyquil, and any other cold/allergy medicine that contains pseudoephendrine in it, illegal without a prescription is like forcing people to have a police authority to buy fertilizer just because a few idiots use it to make bombs.

This does not fix the problem and only ends up hurting the masses who largely are only using the medicine for colds and allergies. They just created a black market for Sudafed in Oregon, and who needs to make meth if they can just sell pharmaceuticals.

Have they even thought how they will deal with visitors that might not have a doctor in the state to get a prescription from? Am I going to get searched the next time I fly into Oregon because I might have some Sudafed in my bag?

The Oklahoma law sounds much more like what needs to occur in Oregon. It makes sense to require ID and limit purchasing (just like they do for fertilizer in a few states, by the way).


Mind Sprite said...

Not to mention all the thousands of Oregonians who don't have health insurance and will probably miss more work because they can't get simple cold relief at the drug store.

Talk about throwing out the baby with the bath water!

Chicken said...

The idiotic thing is some drug companies have already reformulated cold and sinus medicine with a drug that can't be used to make meth. So who is making the money from the large purchases of the drug?

I guess some politicians bought a butt load of the stuff by going store to stores and buying one package at a time. They were required to show ID. They were trying to show that putting it behind the counter and asking for ID doesn't work

Mishka said...

Sounds like the politicians could have spent the money they did trying to find out if they could get around the system, on police and other areas that can help fight the actual problem.