Saturday, July 30, 2005

Physical Evidence

All that work, washed away again...ugh.
Well, here is evidence of what our easement looked like again this morning after a late afternoon and all night rainstorm...looks a lot like the before picture on the other post, huh?

I talked to J last night about it, and funny because when he got home, he thought to himself that I just didn't get to it...little did he know that I did and it was all for nothing.

We figured out that the water has to cross our street somewhere, and so today, I am going to try to force it to start crossing before it hits our property but I am not putting any vegetation back until I am sure how it is going to go, so I will just be piling it in our yard for now. Fortunately today, not as much sand was moved so I don't have as much heavy reconstruction to do but I do plan to some.

I have to head out to Lowe's to get a round point shovel as the square point shovel I used yesterday is great for what I used it for but not so great for digging trenches (which is what I have to do on the undeveloped neighboring easement to get the water to cross early. I might pick up some extra pinestraw to dress up some other areas in the yard as well.

J might have at least part of tomorrow off, and even though I have a soccer tournament out of town, he might be able to devote some time to finish up or make changes depending on the results from today.

I wish we could just build a retaining wall, level our yard, and fill the ditch with big rocks....but I don't think that is in the plan or budget at this time.

Update: I did finally get my ass outside to work on the yard after purchasing the shovel. I made some progress, found a bunch of rocks that were hidden under sand (some of which I used to build a little dam and shore up the side of our driveway), but didn't get enough done to take any pictures. When I stopped, the sky had clouded over and I could hear thunder in the background so we will see how much rain we get tonight...

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