Friday, July 15, 2005


Shame on you USGA!!!

Shame on you for not answering my emails regarding whether you recycled those thousands of #1 plastic bottles you forced us to buy.

Shame on you for charging so much for food after forcing us to throw away perfectly nice granola bars at the gate.

Shame on you for selling water at $2.50 for 20 oz when we were observing a heat index warning of 105+ degrees.

Shame on you for allowing the photographers and media personnel to cut in front of paying customers who had been sitting in the same spot all day just so they could get a gazillionth picture of Tiger Woods.

Shame on you for putting all the stands in the sun with no shade coverage.

Shame on you for not being prepared for the record number of spectators and running out of food, especially when you wouldn't let us bring any in.

Shame on you for treating everyone that had free passes better than those of us that paid to get in.


Chicken said...

I can't believe they didn't respond to you emails.

Mishka said...

Nope, I have sent them more than once too....funny how they responded right away when I emailed them with questions about what we could bring in but now they are suddenly deaf.

I guess that means that they didn't recycle all that plastic and they just don't want to admit it because it would have been so easy to do it if they had not been so concerned with trying to rip everyone off on food. It could have even been good publicity for them.

Christopher Trottier said...

Now they must face the fury of your blog!

Mishka said...

If only....but I think this too will fall on deaf ears.