Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I don't know what is wrong with me. I always go to bed with the greatest of intentions and then in the morning, they are all out the window.

J had to be at work particularly early this morning, so I set my alarm for earlier than usual but, for about an hour after he left. Now that it is getting warmer and muggier here, it is easier to do my walking in the early morning. I had great plans to get walking, and the gym out of the way first thing, this morning.

I am trying to double up on my exercise each day because I am still (6 months later) carrying around the winter coat...

Well, I didn't get up with my alarm...I couldn't go back to sleep when J first left, and by the time I did, my alarm was not what I wanted to hear. So I shut it off and ended up sleeping until 8:20am....ugh...not the start I was looking for.

Now I have to get moving so I can get my walk in (in the sun, so I will have to wear a tank top so I can multitask and get some sun on my arms). I don't know if the gym will end up being this morning or tonight as I have a soccer game tonight too. I just have to get motivated, once I start, I am usually pretty good about staying on it.


Chicken said...

Don't beat yourself up too much. You do exercise alot and hey, your playing soccer!

Mind Sprite said...

If you figure out the secret of getting up on time and getting going, please SHARE! I sure could use a little get up & go myself!