Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Brutally Honest

There is nothing like having a 6 year old stay with you for a few days to bring you smashing back to reality...

Here are just a few of the gems we heard this weekend.

When returning from the restroom in a crowded restaurant..."It sure feels good to poop!"

While I am making dinner in the kitchen and she has closed herself off in the sunroom and is shouting to us through the sliding glass door on why she won't come in..."That smell!!!!".

Upon my offer to color a picture for her in her coloring book for a souvenior..."No thanks".

And what has to be the absolute best of them...while watching me put mascara on in the bathroom..."I know how to make you look younger". This is followed up by me asking, "Don't I look young?" and she replies "Not very".


Chicken said...

Ok this is one of the top ten reasons why I will not be having ANY children.

Mishka said...

Thing is that none of these were meant maliciously...she was just saying what was on her mind...without any of the adult guilt we have about saying what we see is true sometimes.

Mind Sprite said...

Oh, that last one was harsh! It must be kind of nice not to filter everything you say, though.

cat said...

i have a puppy. he doesn't say stuff. ha!

but it's fun to hear what kids have to say... as long as they aren't bratty. ;)

Chicken said...

I'm sure she didn't. I bet she thinks young is 10 years old so don't feel bad.