Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine Mania

Nothing is better example of craziness than going to Hellmart early evening on the night before Valentine's Day. Apparently everyone in the entire area waited until today to do anything about it. The two or three lanes that had Valentine's Day stuff on them were packed full of people. I think there were even people waiting to get into the lanes, the lanes were that full.
Fortunately, I didn't need to go in those sections and I was able to get through the self checkout quick enough to avoid the mad rush that I am sure was going to hit the registers soon afterwards.


Mind Sprite said...

I can't believe you were shopping at the Evil Empire! I wouldn't go near that place anytime, but especially not the night before Valentines. Were most of the men in the card aisle men?!?

Mishka said...

I actually think most of them were parents trying to get stuff for their kids to take to school...and then of course men and women covering their asses so they would at least have something.

I am forced to succumb to the evil empire sometimes because we are in somewhat of a rural area and when I need hairgel, I either go to Walgreens (big national company) and pay a ton for it, or I go to Hellmart (big national company) and pay not as much for it.

Usually I try to hold off on all purchases of that nature until I drive "to town" but there were a few things this week that just couldn't wait. Figured since I was in there, I might as well get the other stuff that I needed....ugh!!! I hate selling out.

As soon as Fred Meyer's gets off their asses and nationalizes, I'll be good to go....haha.