Friday, February 10, 2006

Blogger P@rn

Has anyone else noticed the abundance of Blogger p@rn these days?

I was doing some "next blog" button pushing recently. I notice in my site meter sometimes that I get hits from it and I like to try it out to see if I will come across one of my blogs (I never do). Anyhow, now that Blogger provides the capability of loading up pictures to their servers, rather than having to host them (and therefore claim them as our own), it seems that there are a lot of p@rn blogs out there.

I hate this because there is no warning, which I think is required. I personally prefer not to look at p@rn. It does nothing for me, and clicking along innocently to come across a teenager giving someone h3ad is not my kind of fun.

I just thought I would check if anyone else had noticed that there is a bunch of these blogs out there now. Wonder if Blogger even cares and if it means that someday we won't be able to post pics anymore.

(To those that will give me crap about this, I am not a prude and I hate censorship, but I do think that you should get some kind of warning so you can avoid those blogs if you want, and I definitely don't think that child p@rn should be on there at all)


Joanne said...

I don't disagree with you actually. I haven't played the next blog game in a long time (although it used to be a favorite of mine) because I'd get so many of the Asian blogs with all the sparkles and baubles that it would drive me nuts. The ones that would want you to download things and on and on. I had to stop.

Mishka said...

I can't stand the ones that don't have the next blog button either because then I have to go back to the last blog and hit it again and hope that a different one gets loaded...oh well.

I don't do it much, just wanted to see if my blog would come up and it doesn't, even though it seems like lots of my hits are from random referring pages so I don't know.